Thursday, December 1, 2022

Dear Sadie, Today You're 6.

 Oh my sweet Sadie June.  I'm not sure who's having a harder time with you turning 6....

Me or you. 

Over the past month, you've realized you're no longer a "baby," and you seem quite surprised by that. Your little sister is 2, and I'm not sure if it's just now setting in that SHE'S the baby in the house and to be honest, I know that's been hard on you lately...

About the time you turned 3, we realized you had an affinity for chicken nuggets.  In fact, you still do.  I started calling you my little chicken nugget and the name just stuck.  Earlier this week, you asked me if you could always be my "little chicken nugget."  I wonder if you'll ask me that same question when you turn 16...? ;) 

You found an old photo book from our very first trip to Branson at Christmastime.  I believe it was when you were around 4.  You brought the book upstairs and asked if we could talk privately.  That's what you girls say when you're needing some mommy time.  You showed me a picture of you and I snuggling, riding on a horse drawn carriage.  You pointed to the picture and with big, puppy dog eyes, you said to me, "I'm not a baby anymore.  I'm not your little chicken nugget."  

I have to admit, while it pulled at my heart strings, I also chuckled to myself because I secretly love that you want to be mommy's little girl for a little while longer. 

And listen, I'm 100% ok with that.  You got a deal, kid. 

You have always been the sweetest soul, the calm to the chaos, the jokester.  You love to laugh and I just ADORE that about you!  You think burping and farting are the most hilarious things in the world and for some reason, you refuse to flush the toilet, much to our dismay.  We've told you a million times - SADIE!! Flush the toilet!! And you just won't do it.  

I can't figure out if it's because you don't like the sound, or your laziness.  Probably the latter.  ;) 

While you aren't the cleanest of kids (you leave a path of destruction and clothes just about everywhere you walk), your wit and spirit ALL but makes up for it. 

But you know what I love most about you, my Sadie girl?  Your generous spirit!! It's amazing to me how a a 6 year old can be so tremendously giving - heck, you'd give the shirt off your back to your sister, to us, to your friend.  

While your allowance is a few quarters here and there, you save those quarters up just waiting for the chance to share them with someone in need.  The other day, you wanted doughnuts before school.  Heck, everyday you want doughnuts!  I told you we couldn't get doughnuts two days in a row, but that if you wanted to spend your own money, I'd take you.  

You ran to find your wallet and immediately began counting your quarters.  You wanted to make extra sure you had enough to buy Lara a doughnut, too. 

You find so much more joy in GIVING to others and that, my sweet little girl, is a GIFT.  YOU ARE A GIFT. 

While you've been sassier than normal lately, I have a sense that because things have been calmer around the house, you finally feel the space you need to release some of your new, big emotions you're feeling since starting kindergarten...  

Speaking of kindergarten - your teacher told us at parent teacher conferences a few weeks ago, what a mother hen you are around class.  You CARE so much about others and always make sure everyones getting along. That's usually the role you play around the house, so no surprise there! ;) 

While I could go on and on and on about how adored you are, Sadie girl, I'll close with this: whether you're turning 6 or 60, you'll always be my little chicken nugget. 


Mom & Dad