Monday, October 28, 2013

A Very Thrifty Halloween

Pinterest. You've done it again. You've styled my house oh so fly & all for less than a dolla.


I don't know about you all but there's just something about this time of year that gets me feelin' all crafty. 

On this weeks episode of Pinterest Production, I bring to you the super easy & super cheap....

When I saw this pic, off to the nearest Walmart I went. 


A few hours later & lots of practice sketches, I had my witch silhouette.

Supplies: Black Posterboard, Chalk, Scissors, Black Electrical Tape & A Window! 

The hardest part was DEFINITELY the sketching. 

I definitely plan to keep my day job as I am definitely no Van Gogh and boy was that glaringly obvious. I draw like a kindergartner & always have. I'm talking huge balloon fingers & beak like noses. Luckily, you can use a damp paper towel to wipe & re-start. 

Thankfully, the husband came to the rescue & I think it turned out pretty cool!

On another note, a year ago today, we took off on our Caribbean adventure. 

Now, it was no Caribbean Cruise Ship, but we loved our pontoon equally as much. However, it's that time....

Time to pull her out of the water & let her rest for the winter. And as I type, I just realized our boat became a female. 

Girl power. 

But before we pulled her out, we took one last stroll...

There are still moments where I have to pinch myself & ask, do I really live here?!

We are very blessed & thankful everyday. 

On that note, I'm signing off. Happy Monday, ya 'all!! Make it a good one! 

Monday, October 21, 2013

Weddings & Birthdays

I have to say, this weekend was one for the books. 

Now, 5 years ago, what i'd call an amazing weekend typically involved some sort of drunken frenzy with my girlfriends which resulted in 5 million photos of us sweaty & drunk on a dance floor. 

Now, my version of an amazing weekend involves coffee in my pj's, a sweaty hard run & an afternoon lounging on the couch with Jon....and a lot less Advil if ya catch my drift. 

My cousin got married in Miami a few weeks back. Saturday night was their reception for friends & fam here in Kansas City. Free wine. BBQ & watching these kiddos bust a move...

Hell to the ya.

The next day we celebrated my sweet little niece who just turned one! 

Miss Charlotte Ann! 

There is just nothing like the joy of celebrating a sweet little babe turning one. 

Her Aunt Annie got her a cute little baby bracelet with her initial engraved in it. 

Considering our family is famous for only producing baby was SOOO much fun having a party full of pink & tutus!!

Can't wait to watch this sweet baby grow up!

Moments with these kiddos almost make me want my own....well, almost. ;)

Sunday, October 13, 2013


We all have 'em. We know they're important. And without 'em, we die. Simple as that.

Seems so simple...until the heart of a loved one starts to give up. 

My father in law has had one helluva year, to put it lightly. I haven't shared this with you all, but it's time to call in the troops, ie blog girlfriends, and ask for some prayers. 

Sheldon has a heart that's tired. It's worn out. It's ready to call it quits, but his body is not. After many, many trips to the Kansas Heart Hospital over the past few years, the docs are now ready to start talking about the possibility of a heart transplant. 

Heart transplant. 

Those words are pretty powerful, eh? 

And terrifying.

Yet they also bring hope.

Over the next couple weeks, he'll make the trip to Saint Luke's in Kansas City. Over the course of 2-3 appointments, Saint Luke's will determine what our chances are of getting him on "the list." From there, we wait. There are lots of hurdles to jump, but we're ready to start jumping. 

Please pray for Sheldon & our family as we embark on this long, long journey.

Pray for the board who will make the life altering decision on if Sheldon is qualified to receive a new heart.

But most of all, pray for the family that will lose a loved one in order for ours to live....

Hug & kiss those you love today and everyday!!! 

Sunday, October 6, 2013

The past three months, photo edition.

Wow. Been a super long time since I sat down in front of the computer, preparing to blog.  Kind of an intimidating feeling when you've been away for SO long.  It's like a relationship.  You see the person everyday, and the days when you don't see them, you're still thinking about them.  And then, all of the sudden, 3 months pass.  I feel like I'm on a first date.  With my own blog.  Weird, I know.

Hopefully we kiss at the end.

Ok, phew, where do I begin. First, let me explain.  When we bought out home, we struggled finding an internet/cable provider as our home is considered to be in somewhat of a "rural" area.  We called Comcast to try and set up new service & were told they do not service our area.  After a few additional calls, we ended up going with dish & some terribly slow internet service called Century Link.  Our frickin' internet speed was 1mbs. 


Just opening up blogger took about 10 frickin' minutes.  Trying to add a photo?  Excruciating painful. 

Finally, I just gave up & quit blogging.

Then one day, our neighbor mentions that he has Comcast.


We called them back, and sure as shit, they DO service our house.  The idiot who we spoke with didn't spell our street name correct.

Mind you, we live on Lake Road 12.  How you misspell that is beyond me.

Regardless, we now have Comcast & have now entered the 21st century. 

Now, let's get caught up. The past three months I've.................

Celebrating birthdays...our nephew, Wyatt, turned ONE!

Time with some of my FAVORITE ladies!!

LOTS of parties, including our 4th of July bash!!  Pinterest & I became VERY close that week.
My favorite part....THE BOAT PARADE!!
Jon said goodbye to his career in the golf industry in July & started a new career in sales with the same company I work for, Brookdale.
TriDeltas, sisters for life.  Coming together to say goodbye to a dear friends father. 
Fuck Cancer.
We wrecked our first little boat & almost sunk it.  Boy was that an adventure!
So, we took advantage & upgraded a bit.

The first of September we celebrated a very special anniversary.
We celebrated our one year anniversary in our home!
Mid-September, we went to the Flatlands Festival here in KC and had a fantastic time!!
Turns our, we won suite tickets.
Amazing, yes?
The next day, we took off to Nashville for a week.  Jon & I were scheduled at some training together & we lived up every free second we had!
And then.  I died my hair dark.  I mean, that's the only appropriate way to welcome fall, right?
Phew.  That's a wrap, folks. 
The past three months of our life in a nutshell.
Afternoons on the lake, friends, hosting parties, time with my TriDelta's, concerts, family, birthdays, hair dye....and more time on the lake.
In saying all of that, I am SO excited that fall is finally here!  I spent this past weekend getting the house Halloween-ified.  Follow along in Instagram (@annexenos) to see how things turned out!
In honor of Breast Cancer Awareness month, I'd like to end with this photo. 
If you follow me on Instagram, you may have seen this post awhile back.  While at The Flatlands Festival, Jon & I came across this vendor & IMMEDIATELY FELL IN LOVE.  Jon is a big hunter & if you know me at all, you know I've had quite the journey with my "rack" over the past couple years.
Needless to say, we didn't think twice about purchasing these. 
The Pink Rack Project donates a portion of their proceeds to individuals directly affected by the breast cancer.  For instance, if a family can't afford to pay their mortgage due to the cost of chemo treatments that mom is undergoing, The Pink Rack Project will pay their mortgage for them.

Super awesome, right!!??
PLEASE check out the Pink Rack Project & think about donating. 
Do good.