Monday, April 30, 2012

Kiss & Makeup Monday: My May Purchases (Redbook Truth Test)

If you're anything like me, I have always been curious as to how "truthful" those magazine beauty product reviews are. I have always assumed that the products featured have paid the magazine lots of $moulah$ to have their product marketed.

Maybe that's the marketer in me, always analyzing the how's and whys of advertising.

Well this month I decided to do a little investigating into how truly honest these drugstore beauty product magazine reviews are. Magazine chosen: Redbook. MY FAVE!

I've been hearing a lot of scuttle about the John Frieda dry shampoo spray. And when I saw it featured in my most recent issue of Redbook, I decided to try it out myself.

Im a shower every morning gal but lez-be-honest. That can be taxing. When I came across the dry shampoo idea, I was stoked. I thought to myself, this would be phenomenal on those mornings where you're aiming to shed off a few minutes of your morning routine!

I had to work this past Saturday. I know, you're jealous. Who doesn't love getting up early on a Saturday morning to go to work!?
I decided to give the John Frieda a try!

Here are some before and Afters. Yes, that's me right out of bed. I know, I totally resemble Kim Kardashian. She wishes she could look like me when she wakes up!

According to the article, you spray on your roots.

Arm yourself with a blow dryer.

And comb thru to finish.

And style!

The best part: how fresh your hair looks, sans shower! Even the roots which typically collect the grease.

Overall, I think it was an honest recommendation on Redbooks part. It did the job they said it would.

My complaint would be that you have to comb thru your hair several times thru out the day to keep that "fresh" look going. Also, it doesn't feel like clean hair, even with a dose of the dry shampoo. It leaves your hair looking pretty clean, but doesn't help the feel of it.

Overall I'd give it a 4/5 stars, and will definitely use again. And did I mention it has a fabulous scent!?
What tips do you all have in keeping your hair looking fresh when there's no time for a rinse?
Grab my button & link up! I would love to read your beauty tips & tricks along with what products you've added to your makeup drawer lately!

Saturday, April 28, 2012


Holy cowballs, ya'all. I have officially made it thru 4 weeks of training for my first 5k. And I have to say, this week was the hardest BY FAR.

I'm sure most of you have heard of this program: Couch 2 5K (C25K). I have known about it for a year or so now...and why I never jumped on the bandwagon, I'm unsure, because I absolutely love it.

For those of you thinking about hitting the pavement, download the free app and try it out. No committments, FREE. I think it gives you the first 1.5 week of training days.

If you don't enjoy it, then delete it. If you fall in love like I did, spend the $1.99 and buy the full version. The best $1.99 I've ever spent.
It's an 8 week program that is broken down by 3 days worth of workouts each week. Open the app and scroll to your workout day, plug in the headphones, strap your phone to your arm and off you go.

If you're a Pandora listener, OPEN PANDORA FIRST AND CHOOSE YOUR STATION. THEN open the app and get started or it won't talk over your Pandora.

Here's a glimpse of what the beginning workouts look like...

Here's an idea of how my week 4 has been. It's been the first week where I've had those, "what the hell are you doing, Anne," "go back home and make yourself some nachos" thoughts because the workouts felt alot tougher. But I'm too tired of having a fat ass to give up. So, I got thru it.

I haven't built up to the 5K distance, however I'm getting close to hitting the 3 mile mark on my workouts. And have I mentioned what a GODSEND my tennie's have been. I love these things almost as much as my husband. BUY GOOD RUNNING SHOES YA 'ALL.

I'm going to close for now as I've got to jump in the shower to start beautifying for my "(B)Reast in Peace" party this evening. Yes, I'm throwing a last hoorah for my breasts. Hey, my boobs and I have been thru alot together. They deserve a party.

We're starting at Hooters. I know, so appropriate. And then who knows where the night will take us. All that matters is that the boobs will get to enjoy one more night out on the town. And for that, they are thankful. Fotos to come.....

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Let the "dreams" begin...

Last night I had my first dream about what things would be like post surgery. I woke up with this weird feeling, like that perhaps this is all just one hazy dream.

The best part: coming out of the "haze" and realizing that I really am doing this. I really an having surgery. And I really will have normal size breasts for the first time in my life.

I am finally feeling ready. And that's a peaceful feeling to have!

This next part will get a little descriptive about the not do glamorous details. Don't read on if you can't handle...But I promised myself that I would be 100 percent truthful to you all every step of the way.

I had my pre op appt last Friday. I learned all the nitty gritty details involving the gauze wrap, the dissolvable stitches and the best part, the drainage tubes. Yuck.

Those will probably be the worst part as my nurse said they are a tad bit uncomfortable. They will be draining the excess blood post surgery...

Poor Jon will have to be measuring output every few hours. Now if that isn't sexy, I don't know what is!?

"Hey babe, why don't you come over here and check out my drainage tubes..."

Ok, moving on.

My post op appt is the following Tuesday. This is when I will get to see my new boobs for the first time.

Can. Not. Wait. For that moment...

Then my plan is to go back to work the following Thursday, so 7 days post surgery.

I will be blogging about every step of this journey in hopes that someday, a gal just like me will have unfiltered, real life information about how this process works. So they will know what to expect every step of the way. Hopefully it will help someone have the courage to take the next step toward changing their future.

Until next time,...

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Anniversary Trip: Part One

This past weekend, J and I celebrated our first year of marriage. Honestly, I absolutely love hangin' with my husband.

We originally planned on going to Cancun however life happened & other things took precedence, ie my surgery. So we decided to stay local and go on a big trip this fall, when things settled down and our wallets filled back up.

We went on a cruise for our honeymoon and ABSOLUTELY LOVED IT. So we decided to do another one this fall. We booked a cruise to the Bahamas and we couldn't be more excited!

This will give me ample time to heal....and hopefully drop a few lbs as well. We leave Oct 28th. Hell yea. Can't wait!

We had originally planned to celebrate our 1 year anniversary where we got married, The Elms Resort in Excelsior Springs, MO. However they called us with some devastating news Tues evening, that the rooms were still under construction and wouldn't be ready in time. Talk about devastation! We knew the hotel was undergoing a remodel however they were supposed to have their grand re opening THIS MONTH. Talk about surprise in getting that phone call!

A few tears and a bottle of wine later, we threw together a last minute trip to Branson and booked a room at this beautiful Chateau on Tablerock Lake.

Branson is probably the least romantic place ever....unless you're 5 and love putt putt and mini golf, or 85 and packing Viagra. We don't fit into either, but hey, we drank ourselves some bourbon and made Branson our bitch.

Enjoy some Fotos from our trip!

I got Jon a smokeless cigg to help him quit we can have 70 more years together!

My BEAUTIFUL anniversary bands from Zales!

We love us some wine tastings!

Another couple from Kansas City...and we all were color coordinated. Creepy.

Frozen Jack Daniels and Coke. Don't ever try one.

The little cafe we had lunch at.

Back at The Chateau!

Relaxing by the Lake before night #2.

Hanging out on our balcony watching the prom goers show up.

Apps and drinks before our terrible Branson show experience.

Practicing our 5 steps to wine tasting we learned during our wine class earlier that day:



My favorite part: Sip


And then Jon wanted to try out with his bourbon.

Yes my boobs look huge. Just bear with me, only 9 more days!

Onto the horrible show. We left before intermission.

And to the bar......

Great band that night!

My bye bye boobie picture.

J with his new "cigg."

Our fun waiter!

The next morning, saying bye to The Chateau. :(

Last stop: The Wax Museum!

Super creepy version of Steve Carrel.

Charlie's Angels. And Anne.

You're fired!

Jon pouring a drink for Willie Nelson!

And then we ran into Dale Earnhardt Jr!

On the way home, we topped off the trip with a stop at the good 'ol Osceola cheese factory and our digestive track has hated us ever since.