Monday, April 23, 2012

Kiss & Makeup Monday: Big Sexy Baby!



Sorry it's a little later in the's Monday.  After a 3 day romantic weekend with the hubs.  That's my excuse.  Take it or leave it.
Today I'm featuring one of my ALL TIME CAN'T LIVE WITHOUT IT beauty products.  Big Sexy Hairspray.  Seriously, where the hell have you been all my life! 

I am one of those "the bigger the poof, the better" "a tad bit snookie (but classier)" gals.  Hey, I'll own it.  I love me some BIG hair! 

This product not only gives me the big hair I so adore....but lasts ALL day, for real.  Yes, it's a bit pricey ($18) but worth EVERY. CENT.  (P.S.  Big mistake never to make, don't EVER send your husband to pick you up a replacement can.  I'll NEVER hear the end of it.  "You pay $18 for HAIRSPRAY!!")

And, Walmart even carries it now.  So get your booty to the 'mart and give yourself the gift of big hair.

You can thank me later.



7 hours later:

Got beauty tips & tricks....or have you found a new favorite drugstore buy!  If so, grab my button and write yourself up a little post.  And lastly, let me know in my comment section so I can check your OH SO ADORABLE blog out!



Erin said...

lol. I LOVE the after 7 hours pic. Miss ya, thinking of you in these next few weeks.

Laura said...

A great product!

Anonymous said...

Do you remember that you could have bought that for $9 from me? Shhhhh...don't tell John! Dummy!!