Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Walmart Running Gear

Thus past Saturday, I thought I'd check out my local Walmart to see what they had to offer when it came to running gear. To my surprise....they had ALOT!

I decided to treat myself to three new outfits! Remember my confession in Saturdays post? That in already planning what I'll wear for my race? Sick, I know.

Well I thought I'd give good 'ol Walmart a try.

Most of Walmart's work out gear is Danskin brand. Their most expensive pieces are a whopping $12!! I was lucky and hit the gold mine on the clearance rack.

The top above....

Hell yea.

My only complaint was that the shirt "rode up" a little while running. And secondly, it was pretty low cut. I mean, c'mon. Who wants to flash their 36G size breasts flopping around while running down the street?! Not I.

Luckily that will ONLY be a problem for 2 more weeks due to my breast reduction surgery. oGo here to read more about that...

What I loved was how the outfit fit. I thought the pants fit perfect and besides the low cut boob issue, the top was pretty great as well. For $17 total, I'd highly recommend.

What do you gals run in?????

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