Tuesday, December 1, 2020

Dear Sadie, today you're four.

I'd like to say it's a shock that we're here.  That we're celebrating you turning FOUR, but baby girl, you have brought so much light and joy to our lives that'd it'd be impossible to say we haven't loved every single year of your little life. 

Our little makeup queen.

But boy, what a year this has been for you, our sweet Sadie June-bug. We've watched you morph into a little girl and as much as I fight it, I just can't seem to make you stop growing. We talk about this often and you adamantly explain that you HAVE to get bigger. Yesterday when I picked you up from school, you asked me how much you'd grow overnight...because after all, today is your birthday.  

But, I'd be lying if we still don't witness your toddler-esque tantrums from time to time...and when you throw them, it's go big or go home.  You do everything in life FULL of passion.


This past Christmas, you finally decided you'd become friends with Santa. I was kind of surprised it took as long as it did because you befriend just about everyone you meet. 

You say the funniest things, and always when we're least expecting it.  The other day, Lara was throwing a fit about something and you looked at me and said, "Mom, she's just living her life. She's just living her life, mom." 

You seem to understand your big sister better than most.  Even though you're complete opposites, you girls are BEST friends.  I can't wait to see what spice Lainey Rose brings to the mix!

You became a big sister a month ago and every time we call you a "big sister," you calmly explain you're not a big sister, you're a MIDDLE sister.  You're proud of that title, "Middle Sister."  

You carry your "piggy" and "washie" everywhere.  EVERYWHERE.  You got this little stuffed piggy at a zoo in North Carolina over a year ago and since then, you've slept with this little piggy every single night. 

Now that Lainey is here and has her own set of washies, I put you in charge of picking out which washie she uses everyday. It's basically a job that was made for you.  You keep them folded in her closet and are truly the "keeper of the washies" around this house. 

You started swimming underwater this past summer, but let's be real.  That actually consisted with you wearing goggles the size of your head and you sticking your face just below the surface for 0.5 seconds only to whip it right out, take a HUGE, deep breath and then do it again....for 0.5 seconds. It was the cutest thing to watch because you were just SO proud of yourself! 

You've always marched to the beat of your own drum, my girl.  And owned every bit of it.  That's what I adore about you the most - your undeniable confidence.  You do you and if someone doesn't like it, you move on.  

Your confidence.  It always amazes me.  This past spring while in Colorado, there was this MASSIVE tubing hill and you hopped on my lap and giggled the ENTIRE way down!  I was secretly terrified because we were flying down this hill at nearly 60 mph and I had my 3 year old on my lap - what mom does that?!?  But you were unphased.  I'll never forget that moment.  Your big sister went down once and was SO mad because it terrified her so much, that she refused to go back down.  Your dad, well he didn't even get on a tube!  

I hope you use your fearlessness to conquer the world, my girl. 


Even the doctor doesn't scare you.  You know you get a sucker and a sticker at the end of each appt, so if it were up to you, you'd go see the doc everyday. 

You have the biggest sweet tooth of the entire family.  I'm convinced you'd live on donuts and smarties if we'd let you. 

Now, you're also the laziest child of our crew and you own that more than I wish you would - haha!  You still wear pull ups at night (because you REFUSE to sleep in panties because that'd require you to get out of bed and go pee in the toilet in the middle of the night).  

I'll probably still be buckling your seatbelt when you're 10 because that requires effort.  You LOVE being taken care of - sometimes a little too much.  I've always called you "my baby," and I think you've taken that to heart and have no intent of letting that title go anytime soon.

You and I have been kindred spirits since you were born because we're basically the same person.  I get you more than I may ever get your sisters...but I also know that will prove challenging for us as you grow up.  

We'll probably fight hard, but Sadie Boo, I hope you know I'll always love you harder. 

You have this wisdom about you that always surprises your dad and I because 99% of the time, you're FULL of silliness.  You love the word poop and say it just about any chance you get so you can then giggle hysterically. 

But then other times, you have the capability to sense pain in others and do everything you can to ease that pain.  When Mommy gets mad about something you've done, within seconds you want to hug it out.  

You love to hug all of us, even little Staggie boy.  What's funny is that it took you a few weeks to warm up to Stag, but ever since, he's been your little buddy.  You adore him and he lets you love all over him all the time - even when it turns to tormenting. 

You pucker up that bottom lip of yours and say "sorry, momma," with those big puppy dog eyes. I mean, you've made it nearly impossible for Dad or I to ever stay mad at you.  

While you love your big sister more than anyone in the world, you're also totally content just chilling by yourself. In fact, you seem to savor the quietness of the house when she's gone and you could just play for hours on end without saying a peep.  

In the weeks since we've brought your little sister home from the hospital, I've watched you become so nurturing, especially to your big teddy bear that's half the size you are.  You bring her into Lainey's nursery and pull out your little sisters blankets.  You make a pallet on the floor for teddy and gently cover her up.  

I then watch you sssshhh her while softly patting her back, but not before reading to her.  You LOVE to read!  You pull out every book from Lainey's bookshelf and make up story after story.  Lately, it's your favorite thing to do and secretly, it's my favorite thing to watch.  

I adore your spirit, my daughter.  In fact, I adore everything about you.  I know that God sent you to OUR family so that we'd always have a dose of joy on even the hardest days.  Your smile, your laughter, your innocence, your feistiness, ALL of you has been one of our GREATEST gifts.  

Sadie June, I'm so blessed that you call me MOM.  

I'll love you forever, I'll like you for always.  As long as I'm living, my baby you'll be.