Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Two Years.

Of marriage, that is.
I can't believe two years ago today I said "I Do" on a beautiful, sunny April afternoon. 
Right now it's 25 degrees with a chance of snow.
What the hell is that? 
To say that these two years "flew by" would be a lie. 
We savored every moment....
.....as we have done since we fell in love 5 wonderful years ago.
Year two of marriage wasn't all rainbows & butterflies. 
The fights get a little deeper and take a little longer to resolve.
There were sleepless nights.  
And yes, a few slamming doors. 

But I wouldn't trade any moment of this past year, fights and all
....because I'd rather fight with this guy than be with anyone else.
Year two started with the second best decision I've ever made,
second only to marrying you of course.
Getting a breast reduction.
Something I never would've had the courage to do without YOU
Not many men would love their ladies to get their tata's cut off....all while wearing
a Hooter's shirt saying "Goodbye Hooters."
But you, my love, didn't bat an eye.

On a "lighter note" (pun totally intended), we enjoyed an AMAZING year of concerts.

Justin Moore, Miranda Lambert & Eric Church to name a few.
I'll never forget the night of the Eric Church concert this past fall! 
It was your birthday weekend and for your present, I surprised you with this....
When I look back over the year, the moment we'll always treasure
was the day we signed the papers on our very first home.


And well, apparently we couldn't just stop at a house. 
We added a green machine to the family as well.
And more recently, an 'ol boat.
We cruised across the Caribbean.
We trekked across Jamaica.
Horseback rode on the coast of Grand Cayman Island.
And kayaked in Mexico.
But none of these things compare to the joy that our family experienced
when these 3 little ones made their debut!

Wyatt Frank

Charlotte Ann
Emmett Alexander
Who knows what year three will bring us....maybe our own little one?
I do know one thing that's for certain.
As I look over the past year in pictures, I realized something....
I love you more today, Mr. Flintstone, than I ever have before.
You really are my sunshine.
Happy Anniversary!

Friday, April 19, 2013


 What a week.

The Boston Marathon bombing....the fertilizer plant explosion....the transformer that blew outside my house yesterday evening.  I mean, talk about a week full of explosions!

Luckily it sounds as if they have the bomb suspects on lock down.  One's dead & hopefully the other will be taken into custody and tortured in prison for the rest of his life. 
Gruesome, you say?  Nah.

On a personal note, I feel as if this week flew by.  There's so much change going on in my professional life that everyday seems to bring news about someone moving on, someone taking another job, someone giving notice, etc etc.  A few weeks ago I threw a little "Congrats" party for this gal.
Her last day in our office is today.
Insert crying fit here.
I found out yesterday that it appears my transfer will be Monday, May 13th.  
Throughout this past month, this quote has been running thru my head every.single.day. 

For me, this quote just resonates to the core.
I'm excited for my new opportunity but also scared as hell.
Moving on.
The weekend.
Man, there really is no better day than Friday. 
Am I right or am I right?
My weekend consists of a whole lot of nuthin'.
I'm really really hopeful that the sun will come out to play with  me tomorrow.
If so, sun bathing is definitely in order.
In other exciting news.....our 2 year wedding anniversary is TUESDAY!!
You know how everyone says, wow...where have the past few years gone!? 
Or, has it really been 2 years already
I don't feel that way.  I can "feel" the two years in our marriage, and I'm thankful for that.
But hey, I'll save my explanation for my post next week.
How's that for a teaser?
Ok, well time to hit the shower & head to work. 
Why don't I work from home again?

Monday, April 15, 2013

Well, hello friends.


Man, has life been busy for me these past few weeks.  And when I say "busy," I don't mean that in the physical sense. 

My head has been all kinds of busy. 
As I mentioned a couple weeks ago, I began the interviewing process for a new position within the company I work for.  There were some amazing candidates also interviewing, so I figured my chances were pretty slim.

But as my home girl Sheryl Sandberg would say, I "leaned in" and thank the Good Lord I did because somehow I landed the job. 
So before we go any further, let's pretend we're NOT at work and have a virtual toast.
Ahhhh....I can taste the bubbly right now. 
Needless to say, I haven't been able to blog these past few weeks because honestly, there hasn't been any room inside my head for anything besides anxiety. 
But now that things are official, I'm able to get back to life.
And by life, I mean blogging. 
So, hello friends. 
I am back.

On another exciting note, if you follow me on Instagram (@annexenos) you saw that we
FINALLY got our little booth (at our local antique mall) up and running!

My friends, The White Dog is now open for business.
It took us an ENTIRE day to get things all set up.
I blame it on the nastiness we started with... 


After many, many hours, we transformed it to this...

It has definitely been a labor of love and so far, we're still married. 
Now, let's hope we start making some money, honey!

Monday, April 1, 2013

Birthdays, Egg Hunts & a Job Interview...OH MY!

I've missed ya 'all! I know I have some explaining to do, so here goes.
I wrapped up my mini series on the Lean In movement that has swept across America, and coincidentally the following week, a job within my company came open.
A job I've had my eye on for a couple years now.
After I peed my pants with excitement & threw up in my mouth from anxiety, I began preparing.
My week was spent in resume mode, lots of phone time with a few of my mentors and lots of wine. And for the record, I do realize my wine guzzling drinking is mentioned in every one of my posts.
So when you're saying your prayers, please send one up to Jesus for me because if you're reading this Monday morning, I'm currently interviewing.
I know, I picked a great day to interview.

You got the job...APRIL FOOLS DAY SUCKA!
Today also marks the 5 year anniversary of my handcuffing & arrest in my sorority house lobby for pulling fire alarms my senior year of college. And sadly, the cops did not mention April Fools
day to us. But that's for another day & another post.
Well enough of the serious stuff, lets move on from handcuffing to babies.
This handsome little man (who will always be a baby in my eyes) turned 7 last Friday.

So our Saturday was filled with a birthday party & cuddle time with the new babies
in both Jon & I's family.

After the party, we swung by Jon's sisters house to see the handsome Mr. Wyatt.

Sunday was filled with lots of sunshine & lots of family time in celebration of my main man, Jesus.

And boy did I have fun with my new camera.
I mean, how could you not love photographing these faces?!

And yes. Jon sat at the kids table.

As if you haven't figured it out by now, we are both big kids at heart.

One of the best things about this weekend was FINALLY being able to enjoy our lake!
We moved into our home last September & I frickin' swear its snowed for

Jon started Easter with an early morning fishing sesh with his pops.

And we ended with a stroll around our cove in our little pedal boat.
I hope all of you aren't in chocolate bunny coma as I am right now. 
But I do know at least one chocolate bunny eatin' foo who will have super soft lips because it's time to announce the winner of my EOS lip balm giveaway. 
And yet again, I have to preface this with a promise that I did not rig it.
Drumroll please......
The winner is.
My very own mother.

Seriously Mom?
I'll buy you some frickin' lip balm for Mother's Day.
Love you big kiss.

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