Sunday, August 27, 2017


Well, hello!

I always struggle with how to start posts after long absences.  Do I apologize?  Do I acknowledge the absence?  Do I come up with some elaborate explanation?

I've decided to do all of the above.

First and foremost, I'm sorry.  I realize I haven't blogged in nearly three months.  Explanation?

I decided to sell lipstick instead.


Just let that sink in.....

I joined the "dark side" (as haters would call it) and dove into multi level marketing in hopes of becoming one of those elusive females to pocked $60,000 a month selling makeup.

All while driving a beautiful new car also gifted to me by the company.

I had visions of mornings spent sipping lattes in my zebra print office chair, wearing hot pink lipstick mind you, watching my bank account get deposit after deposit for doing nothing. I mean, isn't that how this whole multi level marketing thing works?  You pay a little enrollment fee and voila, you're quitting your job to make a killing sitting on your ass.

I know this will come as a major shock to all of you, but i'm here to say, folks, that's most definitely NOT how it works.

Multi level marketing is hard work, y'all.  You have to put in a ton of time, energy, passion and creativity to see that elusive financial reward people speak so freely about.

You have to learn an entire company as well as their products all on your own, no built in orientation or easy training courses to take those first few weeks of "employment."  You have to hustle, day and night.  You have to have DRIVE. You have to study not only the products themselves, but learn how to market the products in a way that convinces others to not only purchase, but join you in selling them as well! Listen, that's no easy feat.

These girls (or guys) have to have tremendous passion about what they've chosen to sell, whether that be leggings, an at home workout program, killer face cream, magical toothpaste....or LipSense.

And here's the thing, I just didn't.  I'm passionate about a number of things in my life, but LipSense wasn't ever going to be one of them. And that's totally ok.

I have very limited free time these days and I want to ensure I spend that time in a way that makes me happy.  In a way that fulfills me.

In saying all of that, this goes out to all those women who do have a passion for their MLM product or business, let's all quit hating on them.  Please.

One thing I've learned since jumping into the world of MLM sales is that to some, this is a career, their livelihood.  These women put a ton of behind the scenes work into their business, whether it's a side biz or full time job.  And you know what, good for them!

If they're finding killer success and they reach out to you to ask you to join them, tell them no. Or heck, tell them yes.  But don't make fun of them for working their ass off doing something they're proud of.

Did you know there are entire Facebook groups out there hating on these girls?  You want to talk about cyber bullying, well let's get real here people, that's a form of it.

If you don't want to wear their leggings.  Don't.

If you don't want to join their workout program.  Don't.

And if they add you to a private group without asking, get over it.  Don't get your panties in a wad, just leave the damn group.

No need to shame them.

Selling LipSense may be one of the few things that brings them joy.  And in some cases, puts food on the table for their families.

Every single day, I'm grateful to have an amazing career I'm super proud of. I don't need to sell LipSense to financially support my family, but listen, some people do.  And now that I've been there, tried that, I know how hard these girls are working behind the scenes.

So next time you have the urge to gossip about "all those women on your newsfeed selling stuff," don't.

Because listen, she's excited about her little side biz, and heck, isn't that what we're all chasing? Happiness. Financial freedom. Something to be proud of.

So instead of getting annoyed, show some support and buy a tube of her LipSense instead.    


Anne #LipSenseDropOut Xenos

Sunday, June 11, 2017

SJ || 6 Months

Tonight, as I fed Sadie her bottle, I had a flashback to the moment we learned SHE would be joining our family.  Her nursery is the same room where Jon and I sat, listening to the words, "It's a GIRL!," play out on a voicemail from the OB office left earlier that afternoon.

Her big blue eyes and her coy little grin, a grin that takes over her entire face, producing the most adorable dimples I've ever seen, bring me more joy than I ever thought possible. 

This weekend has been one that I'll tuck away in my mind, to pull out when the girls get older and they're screaming at each other for stealing one another's clothes, or boyfriend for that matter (...if Dad ever lets them date).

I just frickin' love the way Sadie giggles when Lara gets real close to her face, so close their noses could touch, and says, "tickle tickle tickle!"  I'm actually kind of shocked Lara hasn't smothered her by now.

Sadie doesn't realize it, but whether she likes it or not, teacher Lara will always insist on "reading" to her.

Image may contain: 1 person, sitting

One thing teacher Lara doesn't seem to quite understand is the art of sharing.  On the regular, she takes Sadie's toys from her, which doesn't phase Sadie one bit, only to tell me that, "Sadie is sharing."

And she's dead serious. 
Stealing and sharing....right now, they're one in the same in our house.

And on that note, let's move onto Miss Sadie June's 6 month update!

Sadie June: By the Month

Sadie Weighs .....Close to 16 pounds!
Sadie's Height.....Not sure, but my guess is 25 inches

Sadie is Wearing.....9-12 months, and can even rock an 18 month outfit on occasion!  Baby girl is growing like a WEED!

Sadie is Sleeping....pretty well!  We continue to give her a couple tablespoons of cereal in her nighttime bottle, and that seems to do the trick.  It also helps if we feed her some baby food for dinner an hour or so beforehand.  Sis goes to bed around 7 each night and every now and again, she'll wake around 4 and need a bottle, but rarely.

Sadie is Eating.....7 oz on the regular.  And loving all the baby food!!  She put down an entire container of sweet potatoes yesterday!  Today, she tried green beans and the jury's still out on if she liked it or not.  She loves carrots and seems to favor any type of fruit.  I'm trying to get more consistent on feeding her 2-3x a day, but dang, I forgot how hard feeding is at this age!  It easily takes a good 30-45 minutes to get thru a serving. 

Sadie Loves.....when I kiss the bottom of her little feet!!  And seriously, I could just eat 'em.  Chunky little baby feet are just EVERYTHING.  Can I get an Amen!?!?

Sadie Hates....hmmmm....again, a tough one as the kid is a freaking angel baby.  I'm going to go with strangers.  She is totally a momma's girl and I totally dig it.  I'm just soaking it up because #toddlerhood is just around the corner.  And she will not like me one minute.  Love me the next. And the next minute, throw something at me.  So yes, I'll take my little baby loving me and only me!

Sunday, May 14, 2017

Love, Mom.

To My Gorgeous Daughters,

Today is Mothers Day.  This morning I opened my beautiful ceramic plate adorned with your purple hand print forming the petals of a painted on flower. Your baby sister's tiny footprints decorated another piece of artwork honoring me. You and your daddy made me the sweetest book, each page decorated with photos of you and I over the past couple years. We colored in your Paw Patrol coloring book, ate breakfast and all rushed off to Church.  After church, we picked out a beautiful tree that Dad planted in our front garden as you ran thru the green octopus sprinkler in the front yard.

This whole day has been spent honoring me.  Thanking me.  But the truth is, you're the one I want to thank.

Before you came into my world, I thought I was so tough.  I drove fast, I drank too much and cursed like a sailor. I never slowed down to soak in the world around me. I was selfish. I judged. And if someone hurt me, I sure as hell didn't forgive.

But then, I became I mom.

I grew you in my womb. I grew and I grew and I grew.  And then one day, at the break of dawn, I laid on an operating table scared to death.  I had my abdomen sliced open, my organs pushed around and then, I heard your cry.  In that moment, my world changed forever.

For the first time in 28 years, I had a purpose so much bigger than my egotistical self.  I had a daughter of my own.  It was now my job to teach you, but little did I know you'd teach me more in these two years than I could ever teach you.

You've taught me the true meaning of love.  Not only how to love you, but how to love others.

You've taught me empathy.

You've taught me patience, boy have you taught me patience.

You've taught me how to be selfless.  

You've taught me how to slow down, to soak in all these moments of joy.

Watching you, in your Paw Patrol hat and sparkly princess sunglasses, run thru the front yard playing in the sprinkler.  Man...these are the moments.  The joy I feel watching you grin from ear to ear is indescribable.

Everyday I spend loving you girls, teaching you, worrying about you, disciplining you, and loving you girls some more.  All in hopes that you'll grow into strong, courageous, brave young women.

But the truth is, I wasn't strong, nor brave....nor courageous before you.

You girls make me strong.

You make me brave

You make me courageous.

Someday, many years from now, you'll think you're so tough.  You'll drive fast, you'll drink too much and curse like a sailor. You'll never slow down to soak in the world around you. You'll be selfish. You'll judge. And if someone hurts you, you sure as hell won't forgive.

But then, you'll fall in love and have babies of your own.  And you'll become soft.  You'll become empathetic.  You'll learn the true meaning selflessness.

You'll do more laundry than you ever could've imagined.

You'll still drink your wine, but just a glass because you're too tired after one to even think of having another.

You'll love deeper.  You won't sweat the small stuff.  You'll forgive.

You'll be more vulnerable than you could've ever imagined. And it'll scare the hell out of you.

And maybe motherhood will break you, as it did me.  You may wake up one day and feel like you've lost your mind.  You may be scared, so so scared.  But honey, you'll be ok.  Because that little girl will give you purpose. She'll give you a reason to keep fighting.  Heck, you'll even be crazy enough to have another!

So while today is all about honoring me, sweetheart, I want to honor you.  You make me better.  You soften my tough edges, you slow me down. Every single solitary day, I thank the Lord for choosing me.  For choosing me to be your mommy.

That in itself is the best gift I'll ever, ever receive.


Monday, May 1, 2017

SJ || Five Months

Phew.  Well, that was fast.  April flew by in a whirlwind of new routines and lots of rain.  Lots and lots of rain.

As of May 3rd, I've officially been back to work for a month, and I can honestly say, I've never felt better. Yes, it's definitely hard leaving my kiddos and some days are harder than others.  However, I feel very much at peace knowing that they're in wonderful hands.  It's because of these hands that I get to take on a new career that has reignited a fire inside me that I was worried was gone.

I plan to share more details about what I'm up to professional, but for now, let's just talk all things Sadie (and Lara, of course).  This little soul is such a blessing to our chaotic world.  

Lara has had a tough, tough weekend.  She decided she hates her bed. Like, vehemently hates it.  She wants nothing to do with her bed, or really her room in general.  Saturday night was filled with lots of tears, and not just Lara's tears.  During the knock down battle that ensued with bedtime, she decided to pick up her sound machine and proceeded to bang it over and over again on the inside of her door.  All the while, Sadie snoozed away in the room next door.

I know this too shall pass, but when? 

Speaking of time passing by, how is this little one quickly approaching half a year in our lives?!?!?! 

Sadie June: By The Month

Today, Miss Sadie June is officially 5 months old!

Sadie Weighs .....13 lbs, 13 oz (34th percentile)

Sadie's Height.....24" (21st percentile)

Sadie is Wearing.....I squeeze her into my favorite 3-6 month items, but mostly 6 month and up 

Sadie is Sleeping....ON HER TUMMY.  Which totally freaked us out in the beginning, but per the doc, because her head control is so strong, we're not to be concerned.  Over the past week or so, she's been needing a bottle in the middle of the night (somewhere between 2-4:00 am). We just started doing a little cereal in her bedtime bottle and we're hoping that will do the trick.  

Sadie is Eating.....6-7 oz and still eating every 3 hours or so.  More big news on the eating girl is working on solids!  We tried peas and surprise surprise, she hated them.  And listen, I don't blame her.  When it comes to pureed peas, it's like I'm feeling my child her own diarrhea. Otherwise, just a little rice cereal.   

Sadie Loves.....being tickled in her little neck rolls.  And baths, she loves bath time.  She acts so relaxed, and that's a far cry from her sis.  She's our little water baby and I can't wait to see her test out the pool this summer!

Sadie Hates....this is always the hardest one for me to answer month after month, because she is literally the most easy going kid.  She's had a terrible, I mean terrible (like bleeding) diaper rash and that doesn't even seem to phase her.  The only time she really cries is when she's hungry. Or loud noises.  She hates anything that surprises her.

Saturday, April 8, 2017

My Two Cents on Lipsense

Image may contain: 2 people, people smiling, closeup
If you haven't heard of Lipsense you may just be an alien because it's taken OVER the lipstick world over the past few months.  Being an avid lipstick lover, I couldn't WAIT to get my hand on a tube.

Enter one of my favorite little ladies, Ms Kayla Morse.  A dear friend of mine and avid reader of this 'ol blog (ok, my biggest fan), began selling last last year via her so-not-annoying Facebook page, KC Kissable Lips.

If you're anything like me, you have Facebook acquaintances pimping out their products to you left and right.

Kayla, she's a good pimp.  I promise.

No automatic alt text available.

She's not in your face, but what she does do is share the gloriousness of Lipsense with group members a few times a week.  She also runs different witty specials such as "Selfie Saturday," which allows members to see what different colors look like on different complexions as well as the adorable "March Matte-ness," which provides all of us ladies opportunities to win new colors.

And c'mon, who wouldn't love an extensive stash of Lipsense to choose from each morning?

When Kayla reached out to see if I'd give Lipsense a try, I didn't hesitate.  She helped me pick out a few colors and they were in my mailbox less than 48 hours later.  Girl is ON IT.

I wanted to try them out for a few weeks to ensure I did thorough research before sharing my thoughts with all of you.  I even took them on a ski trip to see how they held up after a day on the mountain.  The results....amazing.

Color pictured above, Roseberry.  I also received Bella which is more subtle and wearable on yoga pant days.  

While I love love love that it doesn't come off on my white coffee mugs, clear wine classes or with food, what I love the most is the convenience.  With two little's running around, I don't have time to reapply lipstick.  Let's be honest, I'm winning if I remember to even put it on once a day. With Lipsense, I can throw it on in the morning with the rest of my makeup and I'm done.  FOR THE ENTIRE DAY.  

I will say, one thing I learned is that you need to reapply the gloss throughout the day to ensure extra long wear. I love the feeling of the gloss on my lips, so I definitely don't mind at all!  But, if i'm wanting to go with more of a matte look, I leave the gloss off. 

If I haven't sold you yet, would trying it yourself help?

Kayla is doing a special giveaway to any of you who join her Facebook page, KC Kissable Lips, and the winner gets FREE LIPSENSE. Seriously, how easy is that?  She'll annouce the winner on her page, Friday, April14th.  Additionally, she's offering new members 10% off a starter kit.

So, hop on it.  Like that Easter pun?

If you're already a LipSense lover and are simply looking to order a few tubes, use her order form below.



Saturday, April 1, 2017

SJ || Four Months

Well, it's April Fools day and I feel like the universe is spoofing me by my littlest girl turning FOUR MONTHS OLD. But sadly, it's true.  

I return to work on Monday, and I have to say, leaving this little sweet pea is going to be hard.  
Well, hard may be an understatement.  More like gut wrenching. For some crazy reason I thought it'd be easier the second time around, but boy was I wrong.

I was having a glass of wine with a friend yesterday and we were talking about how God presents us with challenges so we can grow.  I'm going thru alot mentally & emotionally to prepare for yet another life change, another challenge.  Starting a brand new job and leaving not one, but two babies.
So, God, I have to say; I'm good on the challenge front for awhile. 


Sadie June: By The Month

Sadie is.....Four Months Old!

Sadie Weighs .....Still sitting around that 12-13 lb mark

Sadie's Height.....??

Sadie is Wearing.....She's still fitting into SOME 0-3 month items, but mostly 3-6 month or 6 month clothes. 

Sadie is Sleeping....Eh, it's hit or miss.  Both she and Lara go to bed around 7:30-8:00 which gives Jon and I a few hours of alone time before we hit the hay.  The past few nights, Sadie wakes up around 4 and wants a bottle.  However for the most part, she sleeps until 6:30ish most nights.  

For the record, I have no idea how we ended up with two good sleepers, but I'm not complaining!

Sadie is Eating.....5-6 oz every 3 to 4 hours

Sadie Loves.....her big sis.  She smiles and giggles the loudest when she's playing with Lara.

Sadie Hates....being hungry.  But seriously, don't we all?

Wednesday, March 15, 2017

SJ | LA Wedding Dress Shoot

Oh Lordy, these pictures may just be my favorite of all time.  

From the moment I found out I would be blessed with a little girl, I just knew someday I'd want photos like this to cherish for all time.  My wedding day is a day I'll never, ever forget for as long as I live, and I hope someday, my daughters feel the same about theirs.  You better believe these photos will make their way into their wedding celebration in another 30 or 40 would be ok, too, years.  I'm quickly approaching the day I'll return to work, so I knew I needed to take these photos now or I may never get around to it.  

Wrapping Sadie up in my dress, using my petticoat as a backdrop was just too dang cute for words. Then, seeing Lara standing there with my veil draped over her head and her lips coated in pretty pink lipstick for the first time, well, that just took it to a whole new level.  

I hope you love 'em as much as I do.  Well, maybe not quite as much, but you get the gist. 


Wednesday, March 1, 2017

SJ || 3 Months

My precious little angel is 3 months old today, and honestly, I'm not sad about it. Sure, I love love love having a newborn.  You just can't beat all the snuggles, but I am totally loving watching her develop her own personality!  It's totally cool to see her discover things around her, to recognize her family, to smile at her big sis, to stare at bright objects, to begin talking in her own little language, it's just amazing.  I am taking an extra long maternity leave this time, and as much as I feel excitement to get back to work and spend the day around adults doing what I love, I can't help but enjoy spending this extra time with my girls.  

Yes, girls, as in plural.  As some of you know, I was feeling tremendous Mom Guilt last week about Lara not being as connected to me. So, I did what any mother would do, made a super rash and emotional decision and pulled Lara out of full time daycare and dropped her down to part time.  Meaning she's home with me on Tuesdays and Thursdays.  

I'm not going to pretend there haven't been moments where I regretted this decision, as let me tell ya, she's a handful. But dangit, she's a cute handful.

So, there's that.

But back to my littlest girl, Miss Sadie June.  

Sadie June: By The Month

Sadie is.....Three Months Old!

Sadie Weighs .....Probably somewhere around 12-13 pounds

Sadie's Height.....??

Sadie is Wearing.....She can squeeze into 0-3 months, but really her 3-6 month items fit best. 

Sadie is Sleeping....AMAZING. She's officially in her crib FULL TIME.  To the moms who have kiddos that don't sleep great, you may not want to read this part, but both girls go down around 7:30 and for the most part, they sleep until 6:30 am.  Like, what!?!?  We swear by the Moms on Call books, because their sleep training strategies have worked wonders for our girls, however they are big advocates for the "Cry It Out" method, and I know this is controversial to some.  We waited until last week to begin utilizing the CIO method with Sadie.  The first night, she cried for 30 minutes.  And it sucked.  Night two, she cried for maybe 5-10 minutes.  Now, less than a week later, we lay her in her crib and she falls right to sleep.  Again, for us, it works.  And we all sleep.  So, there's that.

Sadie is Eating.....mostly 5 oz

Sadie paper.  
Amazon.  Now. 
Your kid will love it.

Sadie Hates....when Mom sneezes!  Seriously, it FREAKS HER OUT.  Almost everytime she goes into complete hysterics and I have to calm her down.  I have to agree with her, my sneeze it quite startling.  And loud. And typically comes with no warning.

Thursday, February 23, 2017

I miss you, daughter.

This morning I slipped into your room quietly, just before the sunrise.  You were just waking up, still cuddled under your pink, fuzzy blanket, clinging to the cloth diaper you've slept with since birth. I stroked your hair, asking you quietly if you wanted to watch the sun "wake up" with me.  It was still dark in your room, but I could see your silhouette nodding yes.  You quietly slid out of bed. We walked over to your window, opened the blinds and there it was, the beautiful sun, rising in the fluorescent pink sky.

You stood there in amazement, while picking your nose of course.  I sat on the edge of your tiny toddler bed, with you in front of me.  You're still so small, I can wrap my arms around your entire body.  I breathed in the smell of your freshly clean hair from your bath the night before.  I kissed your delicate, soft cheek and just breathed in this moment.  This moment of still.  A stillness we don't get to share often these days, because you have a baby sister now that warrants most of mommy's attention.

The way you've acclimated to becoming a big sister has astonished your daddy and I.  Shocked us, really.  You adore that little sister of yours, asking for her when you first wake up and insisting you kiss her little forehead every night before bed.  It occurred to me this morning, as you walked out the door after refusing to hug me goodbye, that the love you used to show me, you now reserve for your sister.

After that magical moment we shared watching the beautiful pink sunrise, you refused to let me dress you..  You refused to let me comb your hair.  You refused to kiss me goodbye.

I chose not to force you, while my heart silently shattered inside.  You walked out the door, hand in hand with daddy, turning around just long enough to wave goodbye to my silhouette in the doorway.

I closed the door and tears began pouring down my cheeks.  In that moment, I realized how distant you've become lately. You insist that daddy do bedtime every night. Insist that daddy dress you, that daddy comb your hair...

Since your sister was born, you have watched me care for her, feed her, bathe her, rock her.  You have fallen in love with your baby sister, just as I have. You've also become fiercely independent, perhaps assuming Mommy doesn't have any love left to give you.

But that's the beautiful thing about mommies.  We have special hearts, hearts that grow with each child that's born. See, our hearts have to grow in size in order to hold all the love we now carry.  I know that's confusing to you right now, because you see your baby sister in my arms often these days. But see, mommies are full of an endless supply of deep, abounding love.  A love you won't understand until you become a Mommy.

Every morning we rise, no matter how tired we are, mommies rise like the beautiful sun in that pink fluorescent sky.  We rise, ready to shower that love over ALL of our babies.   

So when you're ready, I'm here.

Just don't take too long....

Tuesday, February 21, 2017

A Day in the Life

First and foremost, thanks to everyone for weighing in with regard to what y'all wanted to see from me next.  There was quite a bit who wanted "A Day in the Life" post out of me, which was quite funny because my life is not the most exciting these days!  Now, to Jon and I, it's pretty dang awesome.  These two little girls keep us on our toes, that's for sure, but they also bring tremendous joy to our day to day.

But regardless, you asked, so you shall see what a typical day looks like in the Xenos house.  

I took videos and photos all throughout our day and compiled them together in this 9 minute, 56 second video.  If you watch every bit of it, I'll be impressed.  I know in years to come, I'll definitely treasure this little movie as it captures this crazy, exhausting but oh so beautiful season of life.


Wednesday, February 8, 2017

SJ || Two Months

Well, my favorite month is upon us....FEBRUARY!  Which means I turn the big 3-1 here in a few short weeks.  

My birthday is the 15th in case you want to send me an Amazon giftcard. 

Just kidding...

I also share this month with my little nephew, Jack.

And of course, February's most known for Valentines Day.  People always complain when their birthday is next door to a holiday, but I quite frankly, love it.  
However, my husband may disagree.  

He was educated early on that Valentines Day, while it may be 24 hours prior to my birthday, is an entirely separate celebration.  

And every year, he does NOT disappoint.  He let me open one of my presents a bit early yesterday, and it brought tears to my eyes...

Friday, January 27, 2017

How to take professional photos at home!

Happy Friday, folks.  

Well, this is a post I never thought I'd do. First and foremost, I am most definitely NO expert on photography.  I took a class one time, right after getting my DSLR and let's just say I don't remember a damn thing.  

However, I have practiced for the past few years and I think I've gotten fairly decent at snapping a some great shots of my kiddos.  

Lately I've gotten lots of questions about how I take my photographs and applications used to edit.  I started to answer people individually and then thought it'd be quicker and easier to write up a quick post sharing my favorite photography items.  

First and foremost, the BEST AND MOST IMPORTANT advice I can give  you all is to invest in a DSLR.  It's one of the things I'd grab if my house ever caught on fire, along with my children of course.

Thursday, January 12, 2017

That time our pet chicken went to Hawaii

So, one of our pet chickens died a few mornings ago.  
And I cried, sitting on our flight of stairs, naked.  
Why was I naked, you ask?  

Well, I was just about to jump in the shower when my husband began hollering for me from the living room.  But that's not the point.  The point is that I was naked, on the stairs, crying over a dead chicken. Who am I?

A hormonal new mom who likes her pet chickens way too much.  

But listen, the point of this post is not to discuss me crying, naked, over a dead chicken.  
It's about figuring out the right time to teach your children about death.

I know, big leap.  

Lara is only 2, and therefore we felt she wasn't able to comprehend her chicken dying quite yet.

So, I hatched a plan. If she noticed the chicken missing, she would learn the chicken took a one way flight to Hawaii (Thanks Kait).  However, this conversation would only happen in the event we couldn't get another chicken into the coop in time. 

But don't worry, my friends. Earlier this afternoon, I threw on my black Uggs, jumped into my heated black leather seat, and drove down to my neighbors house to pick one up. I always pictured chicken people wearing worn out plaid shirts, tucked into their Levi's, driving a beat up 'ol Ford Truck.  
Not wearing furry black boots and yoga pants.  But there I was, with my cardboard box and leather gloves, ready to capture a chicken.  All for my two year old daughter.  

The things we do for our children...I mean, seriously.  The girl had ponies in her front yard for her first birthday, and looking back, I'm actually kind of embarrassed at the spectacle I created. But, I digress..   

 The point is that we intended to go to great lengths to ensure we would NOT have to have the death conversation with our two year old.  

Image may contain: 1 person, flower

But I can't help but wonder, by sheltering our young children from deeper conversations, are we protecting them, or delaying their ability to grow emotionally?

I would love your thoughts, so please weigh in on my Facebook or Instagram.

Wednesday, January 4, 2017

SJ || One Month

I hope you all dig the new vibe around here!  I have to give a massive shout out to Chelsea at GetPolished, for her amazing design and even more amazing tutorials that walk non-techie's like me, thru the process of coding.  I've been working on the install all week and here we are...our big debut. I feel like I just scoured my entire house from top to bottom, and everything's fresh and shiny.  

Except for I'm referring to my blog and my laundry still sits in piles on my dirty floor.  

Hashtag housewife fail.  

The only thing cute enough to be featured as the first post with the new design, is my very own Sadie June!  Why, as moms, are we always so shocked when our baby grows?  I mean, even though you know it's's still so bittersweet when it actually arrives.  

Needless to say, Miss June Bug is officially one month old!

Sadie June: By The Month

Sadie is.....One Month!
(as of January 1st)

Sadie Weighs .....Probably around 8.5-9 lbs

Sadie's Height.....Probably around 20-21 inches

Sadie is Wearing.....NEWBORN clothes and a few 0-3 month onesies, simply because I'm so bored with all the newborn attire.  We just transitioned her to size 1 diapers, but she could've stayed in newborn if we had a few more boxes.  She's a nugget!

Sadie is Sleeping....not very well, my friends.  However, last night she only woke up ONCE.  The past week or so, we've been up every 2-2.5 hours.  Needless to say, I felt like a whole new woman this morning, thanks to my amazing husband who took the one feeding last night.  That means I officially got a full nights rest!

Sadie is Eating.....3-4 oz

Sadie Loves.....CUDDLING!  She is such a little sweetheart and I'm just crazy about her.  She also loves cheesy lullabies, just like her big sis.  I bought the Graco Sweet Slumber portable sound machine because I couldn't keep using my phone to play music for hours at a time.  So far, I love it.  Thank you, Amazon Prime.

Also, Sadie loves to pee and poop all over whatever she can as soon as her diaper is removed.  She's a professional that.  Have you ever seen projectile poop?  I now have.

Sadie Hates.....getting her nose sucked out.  HATES it.  
But I can't say I blame her.  Who would like someone sticking a rubber tube up their nostril? 
Not me.  

I'm trying to think of anything else she dislikes, but honestly, she's a super easy going baby so far.  There isn't alot that ruffles her feathers and I totally love that about her!

The one thing that the jury's still out on....bathtime.  Sometimes she digs it, sometimes not so much.  I just bought her a new tub so she can bathe with big sis and I can't WAIT to use it.

Again, thank you, Amazon Prime. 

That's all for now! 
 I'm heading out to take Sadie to her first happy hour.  
Don't judge me. 

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