Thursday, December 24, 2015

2015 Xenos Holiday Card!

Well well well, my favorite part of Christmas.  HOLIDAY CARDS!!  Every year I try to come up with a shot that will hopefully bring a smile to everyone's face when they open it.  While I love me a beautiful, professional shot gallivanting over the hillside, caressing my husband's cheek...there's just something about a true, candid shot taken right there in your own living room that just get me everytime.

#RealLife at it's finest.  

And I have to say, our 2015 cards may be my favorite yet!

Is my husband a champ or WHAT?!?!  
I'm still laughing over this one and I hope you all are as well. ;)

Now, onto the professional shots.  My brother was in town from North Carolina for the Thanksgiving holiday so we decided to get some family photos taken.  I have to say, I am in LOVE with the photos from this session!  We booked the oh so fabulous Kelsey Kimberlin, who has taken our family photos since Lara was born.  She did NOT disappoint!  


These photos I'll cherish forever.

Merry Christmas Eve!!
Don't let yourself get so busy you forget what this wonderful holiday is all about.
Unplug & take time to cherish every moment with those you love!


Sunday, November 29, 2015

Full Belly, Full Heart

I don't know about y'all, but I am BEAT.  It's been a WHIRLWIND of a week.  I took the entire week off and enjoyed every single second of it!  It was such an amazing feeling to wake up every morning, knowing I'd get to hang with my daughter all. day. long.

My older brother, his wife & their two young boys flew into Kansas City early Sunday morning.  I haven't seen them in almost two years, so the week was spent catching up and best of all, watching our kiddos interact with each other for the first time.  

I am the youngest of three, and I was cursed blessed with having two OLDER brothers.  Just when I finally think we've gotten over the hump of being the teased little sister, they prove me wrong.  In their eyes, I'm still an 8 year old running around with my dolly. We still fight like we're teenagers, but hey, they're family.  And I kinda love 'em. 

We celebrated Thanksgiving with my family on Thursday and spent the weekend celebrating with Jon's side.  My mother in law is a caterer, total SCORE.  We always like to mix it up with Jon's side of the family with regard to the menu, and this Thanksgiving was FULL of meat.  We had deer.  We had two different flavors of ribs.  We had lamb. We had pork tenderloin.  

After we recovered from our meat coma, we ran out for a quick trip to the Christmas tree farm and got our tree up and decorated later that day.  It was a WET weekend here in Kansas City so we didn't get out much and while I tend to go stir crazy, I actually loved being rained in with the family.  After the bustle of the week, it was nice to wind down in our home.  

I just put away the 500 5 boxes of Christmas Tupperware after I hung the final light on the 5th Christmas tree, don't judge me.  Jon ran out to pick up some take out, so I have a few minutes of quiet to just reflect on being THANKFUL.  I love this time of year as it's  gentle reminder to STOP, even when you feel like you are go-go-go, and remember what this season is all about....

It's a chance to take some extra time off work and just BE.  Be with those you love, making MEMORIES that will last a lifetime.

This afternoon, after everyone had left our home, my little family sat on our kitchen floor devouring sugar cookies.  Cookies were everywhere, but so was LOVE.  It was a moment that I'll remember forever....

Those moments, THOSE are what I'm thankful for.  

Thanks for allowing me to share some of these moments with YOU.  I am so thankful for the friendships I've made with so many of you ladies all across the United States.  I hope you had a wonderful holiday weekend surrounded by those you love most, making memories that you'll treasure forever.  


Saturday, November 21, 2015

Etsy Love: Holiday Gift Guide

 I don't know about y'all, but I've been spending ALOT of time perusing Etsy doing some early Christmas shopping.  I'm thankful I started early this year because many of these fantastic Etsy shops are already on a 3-4 week wait!  I figured I better get an Etsy Love post out to you all asap.

 So here it is folks, Etsy Love:  Holiday Gift Guide edition!

The Shabby Peach
**Offering 25% off to my readers, use code Shabby25 at checkout**
(Anna's shop is on temporary leave, however plug your email in to receive an update as soon as she reopens her shop)
I'm featuring The Shabby Peach's adorable bubble rompers.
I mean, hello, they had me at bubble rompers....

I wanted her to get as much use out of it this summer, so we went with an 18 month versus 12.  If you're little one has some extra cushion to love, size up.  The quality is par none!! It held up phenomenal in the wash as it's made out of a nice, thick 100% cotton.  I'm telling y'all, you have to grab one of these for the little in your life!! Perfect Christmas present for your cutie to wear next spring & summer.  Sidenote, if you're not into the bubble romper thing, she has a fantastic selection full of adorableness.
 So head on over to her shop, stock up on those holiday gifts & use the code Shabby25 at checkout. 
 Your welcome.

The Savvy Coconut
Now, heading in an entirely different direction. Headbands.
Groovy Print | Fitness headband | Yoga headband | Workout headband | Wide Headband | Running headband | Gym Gear | Buy Any 5, Get 1 FREE!

I don't know about you, but when I gear up to hit the gym for a nice run, I LOVE throwing on a fun headband! I'm also super particular about the bands I wear.  they have to be comfortable, first and foremost, as well as have the capability to soak up the sweat.  These are super unique as they are made of a lightweight spandex material that is extremely absorbent! When you get home from the gym, you simply wash out in your sink and lay out to dry.  Michelle has a great eye for  spunky, one of a kind designs and has a TON of fantastic options to choose from. She's also sweet as pie.
She has donated a headband for me to give away to my readers!

Enter below by leaving a comment as to what keeps you motivated to GYM UP throughout the week!
Winner will be selected on Monday, November 30th.

**All headbands are BOGO right now!**
Keeping with the headband theme, Hippie Runner speaks my love language with her designs.
She had me at...."Will Run for Wine."
Her bands are ALL 4" spandex and can be folded over for different looks.  What sets Hippie Runner's apart from the rest are her 'push the boundary' slogans which truly make each and ever band one of a kind.  If you've been trying to come up with a one of a kind gift for your active loved one, search no more.  These bands are amazing!!
**Use code ISPILLEDMYWINE for 15% off your order**
Last but certainly not least, this shop is FULL of fantastic gift options, including this #GIRLBOSS coffee cup.   
Girl Boss Mug - Unique Mug, Gift Idea, Gift for Him, Gift for Her, Coffee Lover Gift, Tea Lover Gift
All of her items are handmade and shipped worldwide from Auckland, New Zealand! Her shop has an awesome variety of things to choose from, including fantastic home décor and one of a kind wall art.  She also has tote bags with screen printed sayings that will have you laughing out loud.
Head on over to Ashley's shop and don't forget to use ISPILLEDMYWINE at checkout for 15% off!
A huge thanks to all the shops who participated!  I've had some of these items for several months and with the craziness that is life, I'm just now getting around to their feature post.
You all are amazing and I'm thankful for your creative spirit and entrepreneur attitudes! 
Keep rocking it, ladies!!

Saturday, October 10, 2015

My Home Office.

If you follow me on Instagram (@annexenos), you know we purchased a fixer upper back in June & have been in full blown remodel mode for the past several months.  One of the first spaces I wanted to complete (outside the kitchen of course) was my home office.  I accepted a new position with the company i work for back in May, and knew I'd be working from home a few days a week.  The transition has been....interesting.  It's a bit isolating some days, working in a big empty house everyday instead of a bustling office environment.  Because of this, I wanted my office to be CHEERY.  I wanted it to be bright, happy, inspirational....and FUN.




{Desk:  Repurposed Antique Door, Wall Art: Hobby Lobby, Chair: Gordmans, Lamp: Walmart}

{Wall art from Hobby Lobby & things gifted}

{Lamp, Walmart!  I know, shocking!  Digital Frame: Gift from Jon, and my favorite, the Pumpkin:  Painted by my sweet girl}

{Wooden Hello: Hobby Lobby}

{Frame:  Hobby Lobby}

{Hobby Lobby}

{Glass Bird: Antique Store}

PS, If you're looking for a great read, you HAVE to pick up Tina Fey's book, Bossypants! 

Wherever Mom's at, she's has to be right there with me...making EPIC messes. :)

{Wooden Sign: Antique Store, Background art: Greeting card that's framed}

{Mason Jar: Antique Store, Glass Art: Hallmark}

{Frame: Gift, Wooden art: Gordmans}

This balloon is one of my most treasured possessions, gifted to me by my old team. 

{Frame: Gift from my Mom for my first Mothers Day}


{Gift from my Mom}

{Picked up in an antique store}

Lara's playroom is right across the hall...clearly she gets good use out of it. :)

 More of our home to come!!

Saturday, September 26, 2015

I loved you first.

Dear Husband,

I can't believe you turn 31 years old today.  You're one sexy old man, you know it?  

I remember a year ago being on maternity leave, spending every minute of downtime I had planning your surprise 30th, all while our sweet little newborn slept soundly on the couch next to me. Now here we are with a beautiful, fiercely independent and headstrong one year old, toddling around the house.  I love that little girl with all of my being, but I hope you know, I loved YOU first.

This past year has been full of long days and sleepless nights. Sometimes we barely scrape enough energy to kiss each other goodnight, let alone actually touch one another.  Even though there's not a ton of romance these days, just laying in bed next to you is my favorite. As we grow our family and eventually have sleepy little kiddos crawling into bed with us on a stormy night, I hope you always know that I loved sharing the bed with YOU first.  

These days, most of our kisses go to our sweet baby girl, but I still love YOUR kiss the most.

Often, we reserve our hands for Lara.  Holding her tiny little fingers in ours as she learns to walk all on her own.  But when we steal a night away, I still love the touch of YOUR hand the most. 

Evenings are full of sippy cups, chicken nuggets, teddy bears, and puzzles; followed by diaper changes, bath, pj's and bedtime.  When our Lar-bear is finally fast asleep, I love sitting on the couch with YOU the most.  

A year ago, we gave our hearts to that tiny, 6 lb baby girl.  

But I hope you never forget that 8 short years ago, after a few too many butterscotch shots in that double wide trailer bar, I gave my heart to YOU first. 

Happy Birthday Handsome.

I'll love you forever,
Your Wife

Tuesday, September 8, 2015


Nice to meet you.  My name's Anne.  I used to blog here on the regular but decided to take the summer off. 
A blogging sabbatical. 
Ok, where did we leave off? 
Summer 2015 in a nutshell: We sold our house, moved in with my parents, I started a new job, bought a new house, hired contractors to remodel new house, fired contractors and did it ourselves, Lara turned ONE, and no, I'm not pregnant with baby #2.
Let's break down the house thing.
Pre Move In
We closed on our new house toward the end of May but didn't move into until June 11th.  We crammed all of our things into the garage, packed a few suitcases and stayed with my parents for a couple weeks while the contractors remodeled the house. 
It was such a well laid out we thought. 
We ended up firing the contractors the day we moved in. 
I'll never forget sitting on the couch with Jon that weekend; looking around at the walls that needed paint, the kitchen that was missing cabinet doors and our hardwood floors that were totally ruined from the contractors who had done absolutely nothing in the house those few weeks.
We were overwhelmed to say the least. 
If it weren't for our selfless family, a few amazing friends and a very patient baby,
our house would still not feel like a home. 
I'm going on the record saying all those house flipper people are absolutely out of their frickin' minds.  I still to this day can't watch any of those shows on HGTV. 
I mean, who signs up for this shit?  Not I, ever again. 
In fact, I've told Jon I'm never moving again.
That ship has sailed. And quite frankly, I think he agrees. 
This summer there were tears, there was sweat and there were more tears.  My husband, usually quite calm in demeanor, even lost his shit a few weeks before Lara's birthday party. We had invited over 50 people over to our home for her party, most seeing it for the first time, and the pressure was on. 
I always knew I married a hard working man, but damn did I ever.  He painted, ripped off the old deck, built a new deck, took care of our little girl, hung light fixtures and ceiling fans throughout the house, worked full time, ripped out our old kitchen countertops, installed tile floor in our bathroom, refinished our hardwoods, installed screen doors, took care of our little girl, installed new toilets, new faucets, hung backsplash and painted some more. 
Best way to test a marriage?
Purchasing a "fixer upper."

Needless to say, after spending our summer covered in sweat & paint, we have thoroughly enjoyed these past few weekends relaxing at the lake with our sweet, baby girl and some great friends. 
We forgot what relaxing felt like.
I fully intend on getting back in the swing of blogging.  I've missed it.  I've missed YOU.
Thanks for your patience while I did "life" this summer.