Saturday, August 15, 2020

Dear Lara, today you're 6.

 Last night, when we put you to bed and explained you'd be waking up a 6 year old you said, "Mom, I'm just so excited...I don't know how I'm going to fall asleep!"

To most, they'd assume it's because of the big party we'll have in a few hours, or all hte fun presents.  But to you, it's honestly because you're just plain darn happy to be getting OLDER.  You've always been our little wise one, wise beyond your years.  You're shy, you take your time with people & new situations. You listen (when you want to!), and you analyze peoples emotions like no other child I've ever known. 

You want to GROW UP so badly, and sometimes I feel ready....primarily when you're having a melt down in bed because you're "burrito" gets messed up.  I feel the need to explain, because when we look back at this note in 20 years, I'm not sure we'll know what I'm referencing.

See, you started this thing where you like to be tucked in SUPER hard, like every ounce of cover has to be pushed up under your little body like a little cocoon. And if it comes undone in the slightest, all hell breaks loose in our house.

And GOD forbid Daddy fix the burrito, is HAS to be mommy. 

I know we'll laugh about these things someday, but those nights where you start screaming at us downstairs because you need to be re-wrapped in your burrito, I'm nowhere near laughing. ;) 

Your dad and I were talking last night about you turning 6 today, and unlike other years where I don't feel ready, I do this year.  I'm ready for you to come into your own as a little girl & continue maturing into the wise young woman God's made you to be.

This year is a BIG, big year for you, my sweet girl.  You start Kindergarten in a week and become a big sister AGAIN, in November.  So far, you seem to be embracing all the "newness" coming your way, which is something you didn't always welcome.

It shows me how much you're growing up each month that passes.  You're becoming more confident, too.  We just got back from a vacation and you made two new little girlfriends during our time on the beach.  

A couple of years ago, you'd have been too painfully shy to talk to another little girl your age...

You continue to love your little sister with ALL your heart and it makes mine want to burst out of my chest.  Don't get me wrong, y'all fight from time to time and you're little gunslingers, you two.  You hold nothing back.  

But I never worry about your bond because you fight hard and love harder, and as long as that's the case, your dad and I have done our job. 

I have a feeling things will be no different with this new little one joins our family this fall...

My daughter, sometimes when I look at you, your beauty takes my breath away.  I was just talking to Grandma about how I remember her saying that to me when I was a little girl, never understanding the depth of what she meant.

Well, when I look at you, I now know.  

You made me a momma and boy have we learned SO MUCH together these past 6 years. Thank you for showing me patience & grace as you'll aways be the kid we're "learning on," paving the way for your little sisters. 

Lara Anne, our love for you is BIGGER than you'll ever know. 


Friday, May 8, 2020

To My Preschool Graduate!

I saw your preschool graduation pictures and nearly choked.  Wait, say what?!


While I'm super freaked out about you starting Kindergarten, a part of me has felt peace about it lately...

Maybe it's because I'm pregnant with your littlest sister, but you are just such a little grown up to me. And to be honest, you've always kind of been that way.

You talk eloquently, you feel deeply and you are mature beyond your years (most of the time).  Like last weekend when you threw yourself on the ground at Walmart because I only let you pick out one pack of stickers.

But those moments, while still so challenging to manage as your mother, are becoming fewer and farther between.

You listen intently and seem to learn a million new things every single day. You ask deep questions on the reg, and I've finally resorted to just telling you that I have no freaking idea how to answer some of them.

Or, I tell you to ask your dad.  Let's be real, that's my go to for LIFE. You already believe your daddy knows EVERYTHING, so I'll leave the tough stuff to him.

Every evening when we put you and Sadie to bed for "quiet time," you color a million pictures.  When Dad & I come to bed a few hours later, we find our bed untucked, and decorated with all your favorite stuffed animals. You leave your adorable pictures with sweet notes on each, all across our bed.

When you were asked by your preschool teacher awhile back what you wanted to be when you grew up, you said, "I want to be a mommy."

All the tears.  All the yelling. All the time outs. All the frustration.  All the love. All the admiration.  All the smiles.  All the laughter.

It's all worth it, daughter.

When I learned you were a girl, you made all my dreams come true.  My wish for you, sweet girl, is that someday you have a daughter JUST LIKE YOU.  A little girl who sheds tears nearly every time you drop her off somewhere because she hurts deeply to be too far from you.  A little girl who gives the BEST hugs.  A little girl who asks you to "wrap her up like a burrito" every night at bedtime and when you say to her, "Goodnight burrito."

She'll say back, "Goodnight taco."

I love you to the moon and back, my little preschool graduate.  I'm already SO proud of all that you'll become.  You're going to conquer this whole world, and love people fiercely while you do it.


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