Tuesday, May 24, 2016

12 Weeks.

My last post was February 27th.  
To say a lot has happened since then may be the biggest understatement of all time. 

We're adding a new addition to our front porch sittin' crew!

I think I needed the past three months to process the fact that we are actually doing this whole baby makin' thing....again!  In the spirit of being totally candid, I think I underestimated the emotional roller coaster I was jumping on when we decided to grow our family.

You know that rush of sitting in the roller coaster cart, slowly.....slowly.....slowly inching up the massive hill, looking straight up into the sky because your strapped into a metal cart inching upward, completely perpendicular to the ground?

Yeah, that's how I've felt these past few months.

Now just to be clear, we knew exactly what we were doing in those days leading up to visiting the theme park.  We knew what we were committing to when we stepped into the metal cart next to one another, strapped ourselves in and took off for the ride of our lives.  

As we inch ever so slowly up that hill....week after week after week, we know we're in for the ride of our lives.  

Just don't look down.  

I will admit, I have spent a fair share of this first trimester peeking over the side of the roller coaster cart, looking down into the scary unknown. Wondering what the hell I've gotten myself into.

However, now that the nausea has slowly subsided, the hormones have evened out and the fatigue has slowly released it's grip.  Finally, finally the excitement can now inch it's way in. 

And damn, it feels good.

Baby Xenos #2 will be here the end of November!

Now, onto my first BumpDate!

How Far Along? 12 weeks, 6 days!

Weight Gain: Does anyone really want to know this?

Maternity Clothes: I jumped on the strictly maternity pants ship around 8 weeks.  This baby isn't messing around!

Stretch marks: Please.  I was covered in them before I got pregnant.


Cravings: Mexican, mexican and mexican. But that's nothing new :)

Gender: WE KNOW!  WE KNOW! 
But keeping it a secret until our Gender Reveal on the 4th of July!

Mood: Sentimental

Nursery: I have a Pinterest board starting to fill up, but keeping it locked for now
Movement: None, but CAN'T WAIT!!

Sleep: Like a baby!

Workouts: Please.  I have a toddler.  

Anything making you queasy or sick: Not these days, thank the VERY GOOD LORD!

Until next time, my friends!