Sunday, January 10, 2016

Favorite 15 of '15

There's just something I totally dig about the beginning of January.  

It feels....fresh.  

A time to reflect.

2015 was a year I'm ok with saying goodbye to.
If I had to choose one word to describe 2015, it'd be challenging.

In January we made the excruciating decision to sell our little lake home. 
We listed in March.
Sold in April.
Moved in with my parents in May.
Moved into our new home mid renovation, in June.
I started a new job (same company) in June.
The latter part of 2015 was spent learning how to parent a very feisty, very active toddler.

The same things that made 2015 challenging are the same reasons I loved 2015.

While it hasn't been easy, I know without a shadow of a doubt that we found the right home for us. It's dusty, definitely dated and a little rough around the edges but it's ours. 
It will be the home we'll raise our family in. 
We know we're exactly where we're supposed to be and that's a pretty amazing feeling, half painted walls and all. We're less than 15 minutes from family, over 3 acres of land and most importantly, lots of extra bedrooms to grow into. 

My new job.
It's been one of the hardest things I've taken on professionally throughout my entire career, by a landslide. However, I get goosebumps at the ground we are making as a team, every single week.  
I am proud of what we're building.
I am proud of the team I've put together.
Tears and all, I'd make this leap of faith all over again given the chance.
I can't wait to see what we accomplish in 2016!

2015.  I'll always remember this as the year Lara grew into a very independent, albeit absolutely adorable little girl.  
A little girl who can talk scream, eat her own food throw her own food and tell Mommy bye bye when she leaves for school.  It's absolutely amazing to watch your baby turn into a toddler however I was not prepared for how fast that would happen!  If I could, I'd turn back time and cherish the baby snuggles for a few more months. Jon and I continue to be blown away at her beauty, at her level of understanding and of course, her fiercely independent personality.  She won't even let me rock her to sleep these days!!  Last week I dropped her off at school and instead of hysterics, she literally blew me a kiss, waved bye bye and turned around and walked off.  I'll admit.  I cried as I walked out to my car.  It's such a bittersweet feeling watching your baby grow up....and the minute I think i'm good with it, my heart aches at how quickly she's changing.  

Now, without further are my favorite 15 actually 18 because I couldn't narrow it down any further photos of 2015!

Her first time riding like a big girl in the cart, January 2015

6 month checkup, Feb 2015

Her first time in her big girl stroller without her carseat!  March 2015

Saint Patrick's Day, 2015.  She had to wear pink because she crapped all over her green!

8 months old, April 2015

Our Monkeys First Swim Class, Spring 2015

Duck Hunting, Spring 2015

Easter 2015

This photo will always be sentimental to me as it was one of MANY photos Lara's daycare teachers sent me after I returned to work after maternity leave.  These photos will ALWAYS be SO DEAR to me as they kept me going everyday while at work.

Our last photo in our Home Sweet Lake Home. May 2015

Renovating with a toddler, not an easy feat!  Summer 2015

Her very first BIG GIRL ponytail!

Lara's 1st day in the toddler room!  I remember her looking SO GROWN UP to me that morning!!

August 15th, Lara's 1st birthday!!

Her 1st Birthday Party Dress--My wedding dress belt was attached. 

Halloween 2015--The Smore Family!

Her first big girl picture day at school!!

Our little beauty!  Christmas 2015