Wednesday, June 27, 2012

It's all in the pants.

Well smack my ass and call me neon nancy. 

The 1980's spit out a pair of fabulous pants.  I ran into them while shopping the other day, fell in love and immediately proposed marraige. 

 They said yes and have made me the happiest runner on earth.

Until death do us part, I will love thee.

Sunday, June 24, 2012

It's time for some Sunday Social time, ya 'all!

Sunday Social

Since I'm at work today, which I'm extremely pissed off thrilled about, I figured why not jump on the Social Sunday bandwagon this afternoon.  Listen, I'm about to stab my eyeball with a fork sitting her at my desk, starting at the computer screen.  Maybe some post action can help me refrain.
Ok, so we got all things MUSIC today.  I'm going to be super up front (ha, what's new) in that I'm not a huge music fanatic, I don't know all the latest hole in the wall bands, I suck at figuring out who is actually singing when a good some comes on.  However ya 'all, I do me some Sara B, Miranda, Katy Perry & TSwift.  And let's be honest, most everyone enjoys some Taylor Swift action however most are too damn embarrased to admit it.  Well, i'm not.  Balls up and own it.  TSwift sings about all the shit crap we are thinking.  How could you NOT love her? 
Let's get started.
What is your ALL TIME favorite song?
Kiss by Prince.  Hello.  Best song ever.  I love it so much I forced my bridal party to walk into the reception dancing and making kissy lips while they walked to their seat. 
Who is your favorite singer/band?
We've even touched breasts. 
Ok, in a hug, but still.

Listen, if you're a Sara B fan, PLEASE leave me a comment as I'd love to start stalking you. Pronto.  Anyone who knows their Sara B is already a friend of mine. 
What is your theme song that best describes your life?
I Got 'Da Moves Like Jagger
What songs put you in a good mood?
I love me some good 'ol country music:  Eric Church, Miranda, Justin Moore, Pistol Annies, TSwift. 
Like that mix? 
What's your favorite roadtrip music?
I'm on a Boat--featuring T-Pain.
Our longest roadtrips are down to Galveston, TX to board our cruise ship, so this song is only fitting.
What song are you embarrassed to admit you love?
I'm not embarrassed to admit anything, especially not my love for terrible music.
And that's a wrap folks.  Head on over to Ashley & Neely's neck of the woods and link up.
Happy Sunday, ya 'all.

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Incision Scars: 101

Really, scarring? That's the best I come up with this Wednesday morning?

On a serious note, I have been dying to talk to you all about a super new way to minimize scarring.

Unless you have big knockers and have contemplated a breast reduction in the past, you're probably not aware of how many incisions you come out with.

Stop reading now if this stuff grosses you out.

They cut underneath your entire breast, around the nipple and actually replace your nipple higher up.

It's actually really frickin' cool if you think about it!

But even with how awesome the results ate, you're left with some gnarly scars if you don't take care of 'em.

My surgeon is pretty radical in his techniques but thats why I love him.

His getting rid of the scar technique includes one thing: PAPER TAPE.

Yep, paper tape ya 'all.

I put it on every morning (and will for three months). I then remove it in the shower the following morning.

I pondered whether I would show this picture or not, and decided to go with it.

It's my blog and I pledge to ALWAYS be 100% honest and open.

So here's one of my incision sites below the breast.

Mind you my surgery was only 6 weeks ago. Look how transparent it's already becoming!

I wanted to tell you all in case you have sone fresh scars...try this method! If those scars aren't in a visible spot of course, like your face. That might be weird. A piece of white paper tape across your cheek. What the hell.

So what do you girls think? What methods do you use to get rid of those nasty scars??

Monday, June 18, 2012

I just love Mondays.

Don't you?

Just for shits, I thought I'd try on an optimistic mood this Monday morning. Maybe I can brainwash myself into believing that Mondays are a good thing.

What did all of you beautiful ladies do these past two glorious days off work?

Grab Sami'sbutton and play along.

Friday evenings J and I usually lay pretty low because we're old hags and can barely keep our eyes open past 9:30.

But this past Friday we decided to "live a little" and hit up the 'ol bowling alley, but not before downing a pitcher of margs first. Can I just say, tequila and bowling balls are a great combo.

Saturday we can just call, REST IN PEACE $$$$$ day. What is it about the weekends that makes me feel like Donald Trump or Bill Gates, nah, I'm going to stick with Trump. He's hotter.

Saturday was also a milestone day for my new boobies. For all my new followers, read here.

The boobs and I took ourselves on a trip to Victoria Secret. No joke ya 'all, was the FIRST time I've evert stepped foot in that VERY PINK place.

Holy bras.

The twins and I made out nice. They're happy and mamas happy.

Then later that eve, still recovering from the pitcher of margs, we laid low, grabbed a quick dinner at our local mom and pop diner...and won ourselves a round of EXTREME BINGO. Booya.

Sunday was delightful because we got to see this little man....

I hope you all had a delightful fathers day spent with the wonderful men in your life. I lost my father about 15 years ago and fathers day has never been the same. However with my mom re marrying about 4 years ago, I acquired the most amazing stepfather a girl could ask for. I love him for how he loves my mom and for that, I will always be thankful!

Can't wait to see what all you lovely ladies had going on this past weekend. Don't forget to grab Sami's button & link up ya 'all!

Friday, June 15, 2012

There ain't no such thang as TOOO bright

The Nail Files

Shout out to Tara and Vicki for hosting this fab link up week after week!

When it comes to polish, in my book, the brighter the better. 

And boy did this polish exemplify that!

                                                 I mean, it's called LIGHTENING after all

I have to say, loved the color...but didn't love the quality.
It went in very thick and clumpy!! I shook it and shook it. Made no difference!
I've had great experiences with Sallie Hansen Complete Manicure, but her Insta-Dri line I probably won't purchase again.

Unless you all have some pointers on thinning out the texture?

Monday, June 11, 2012

Weekend oh weekend..where have you gone?

If I were president, the need for money would not exist. Therefore there would be no need to work. I would create a society where you could sleep in every morning, roll out of bed around 10, throw on a sexy bikini (because we'd all have Victoria Secret model bodies) and lounge lakeside all day.

That would be the life.

Vote for Anne, Presidential Election 2012.

You won't regret it.

But since thats not reality, we'll just chat about our past weekend plans in an attempt to hang onto the peaceful energy that weekend foster for a few more minutes. Mmmmkay?

And why not link up with Sami at the same time! 

Our weekend started with a relaxing Friday evening with homemade tacos & my new skinny margaritas that I'm obsessed with.

Yes that's a wine carafe. I was thirsty.

After I sucked that down, I tried to convince my hubs to sleep in the new Jeep with me, campout style.

He wasn't having it...THIS TIME. Just wait. It will happen.

Saturday was spent running errands doing anything I could come up with just to spend as much time as possible in the new car.

Hello Nordstrom Rack! My wallet hates you.

These super fun pieces joined my collection.

Have you gals ever heard of this line?

They appear to be made out of recycled metal. Frickin' fabulous jewelry line. I smell a giveaway on the horizon.....wink wink.

Saturday night I put on my dancing shoes...

And danced my ass off at a good friends wedding reception.

Then Sunday...our 3rd nephew was born!

He is so handsome ya 'all! Let's be honest, babies kind of look like aliens. But this baby..he's going to be a heart breaker.
We celebrated that evening with a tasty lobster dinner.

My parents came over to join in the fun, and fun was had by all.

My two moms.

I feel SO blessed that Jon and I's parents adore eachother. How cool is that!?

Do both sets of parents in your relationships get along well??

Friday, June 8, 2012

The Nail Files: NEVER In A New York Minute

The Nail Files

It's Friday homegirls...and mama's ready for a drink party.  Link up party, that is. So grab Tara & Vicki's button & link up ya'all!

Let's just start with saying, DON'T EVER BUY THIS POLISH.

Yes, they are cheap.  Yes, they have cute 'New York City' themed names.  Yes, you may want to fall for how cute their 'New York City' themed names are.

But trust me, you'll regret it.

At first glance, the color is pretty good.  However, no matter how many coats you put on, the color is not NEAR as vibrant as the OPI's, Essie's & Ulta polishes. 

Another thing that totally sucked butt about this brand was how watery the polish is.

See. They look like crapola.

Biggest waste of $1.79 ever.  I could've bought a McDonalds sugar free vanilla iced coffee with that money.


Thursday, June 7, 2012

It's Ok....because WE BOUGHT A NEW CAR!!!!!

Yes, sweet peas.  You read that right.  This bitch is rockin' around town in a new JEEP.  Hell yes.

So, "It's OK (that it's only) Thursday" because i'm ridin' dirty in style!

That's my "I just bought a Jeep face!"

You know what else is ok?  Apparently mowing while wearing an authentic Mexican sombrero decked out in gold fringe. At least in the redneck town I call home.

No that's not my husband.

Its also ok that I took 4 days off from my running routine, because I jumped back on the saddle yesterday in honor of National Running Day. Cut me some slack, I just got my boobs cut off.

It's ok that I spilled coffee all over my cream dress while running out the door the other morning....because it gave me an excuse to purchase this beauty.

It's ok that I have to lay out my husbands clothes for him. Listen, the boy purchased pheasant embroidered pants the year before we started dating. He actually wore them in my presence one time. He hasn't seen them since.

What's ok in your lives this week??

Hop on over to Amberand Neely to join in the Thursday vent sesh!