Tuesday, June 5, 2012

The Bachelorette Dish: Week Four

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First and foremost....I hope to the good Bachelor Lords that this Ryan saga comes to a close SOON.  This guy is is BAD. NEWS.

He's meant for greater things, and apparently to him, greater things mean becoming The Bachelor Ryan, Augusta edition.
Get outta here you frickin' narcissitic asshole.

Phew, I feel better just getting that out.

But one more thing, Doug.  I am proud of how Emily is pegging these guys with that "6th sense that women have."  She's right.  There's something off about Doug.  He's an entirely different person around the men than he is in front of her.  The typical Bachelorette Virus that some of these men catch and DOUG HAS CAUGHT IT.

Moving onto bigger and better things worth of my blog talk....EMILY'S WHITE PANTSUIT. 
TO DIE FOR.  But c'mon Emily, there's NO WAY you really play putt putt in 4 inch heels. 

And, Arie.  Again, I'm sticking to my prediction....winner winner chicken dinner.  This guy is the real deal.  Humble & handsome. 

And I would be doing the Bachelor nation a disservice to NOT bring up the chemistry that is sparking between Emily & Jef.  I just adore that guy.  I think he'll be the one to give Arie a run for his money ya'all.

In closing, is anyone else excited to see what comes with Alejandro next week?  What is that all about!!??


Sam said...

Your blog is so cute! New follower :) Found you on KC&CO.


Kelsey @ Seattle Smith's said...

Love this! Ryan was a first fav or mine along with Arie, but he just got too weird this past episode!!