Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Too early.

You know it's early when no matter how much makeup you put on you still look like you're half awake...but now with caked on clown makeup.
You know it's early when you drive thru town with your brights on and no other drivers mind. They are half asleep too.
You know it's early when you realize at 10 am that you have only one gold hoop earring in.
You know it's early when the thought of your evening glass if wine makes you nauseous because your day hasn't punched you in the face yet.
You know it's early when you come down from your coffee high by 7 am. That should be fucking illegal.
And the number one way you know it's too early is when you leave the house before you've had your routine morning bowl movement. When you get to work you think, "Oh shit." Literally.
Mrs Xenos

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Patio Time + Wine Puuuhhhlllease

Linking up for week two with Tara's Target Tuesday link up!  Can't post the adorbs button as my computer at work is stuck in 1982.  Super sorry for the lameness.

With the ahhhhmazing weather we've been having, I'm totally having spring feaver which results in me daydreaming about sitting outside, enjoying the fresh midwest breeze with a chilled glass of cab. Can you blame a sistah??!!

So, I'm luuuvvvviiin....
Target Home™ Rolston Patio Sectional Sofa Furniture Collection.Opens in a new window.Lowrey 3-Piece Wicker Patio Swivel Chat Furniture Set.Opens in a new windowSquare Wood Burning Steel Dark Brown Fire Pit with Granite Surround and Cover 34".Opens in a new window

I realize this probably looks hideous due to spacing issues and such.  All thanks to my GRANDPA computer.

Tootles & Happy Tuesday!

~Mrs X

Monday, February 27, 2012

Spring Cleaning in February!

I live in the wheat fields of Kansas...ok, not a wheat field exactly. Maybe more like a cookie cutter little subdivision but wheat field sounded way cooler. And isn't that what you envision when you hear "Midwest?"
Anyway, our winter has been orgasmically beautiful. Did I just use the word orgasmically? Yes. Wouldn't you consider an orgasm beautiful? if yes isn't the first thing that comes to mind, seek help immediately.
With the good weather came my crazy desire to organize the garage. Enjoy the before and after pics....I busted my ass. Literally. I busted some of it off more like!

Mrs Xenos

Friday, February 24, 2012

The Nail Files

Thanks to Tara at Fabulous but Evil and Vicki at My Vickilicious Life for the great link up idea of "The Nail Files."
Im loving the color I've been sporting called Raspberry Wine. It's part of a new at home gel manicure kit that I'm IN LURRRVE with. These nails are 6 days old and still squeaky shiny! I'll be blogging about it next Thursday for my "Kiss & Makeup Thursday."
Happy Friday & don't forget to come back on Thursday to hear about my fab gel manicure kit. Best fifty bucks I've EVER spent.

Mrs Xenos

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Kiss & Makeup Thursday

I swear my husbands going to divorce me if I spent one more hour in the beauty aisles at the local drugstores! There's just sooooo many products and brands to choose's madness. Then to make matters worse you have celebs on tv telling you to buy cover girl so you can look like Sophia Vegera. So you run out and buy the latest "flawless foundation" just to feel disappointed when your skin doesn't look airbrushed.

The solution to this drugstore makeup epidemic? Kiss & Makeup Thursdays!

I'm going to review those drugstore eyeliners, shadows, concealors, pencils, tweezers, powders, liquids, eyelashes, blushes, shimmer products, shapers, polishes, primers, lipsticks, glosses, and my face.....mascaras. Hopefully my non airbrushed, transparent reviews will give other gals like me some insight into what products will enhance your already there beauty!

First up....brown liquid eyeliner. I have been looking for ages for a good brown in a liquid form.

For all you "go natural and still look foxy" ladies, this one is for you. It's a natural, light brown tone. But it goes in with the super precise b/c it's a liquid.

I will admit, liquid takes practice however once you go liquid you never go back!

My suggestion would be to practice with a brown like this Loreal brand.

Super natural but still gives your eye a little pop to it.

Not glam for a night out with your girls (pole dancing), but great for a day at the office. Best part? It withstood the 9-5 test.

If anyone us reading, let me know if there are any products you'd like me to try next week!


Mrs Xenos

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Target Tuesday Link Up!

I came across Tara's fab blog this evening and just HAD to link up for her great idea of Target Tuesdays.  I am a compulsive Target frequenter....I mean, who's not!?  And I'm not just a frequenter of one specific Target, I swear i'm in like all 5 in my area.....weekly.  It's sick.

So.....what I'm loving this Target Tuesday is.........

Jason Wu for Target® Flap Satchel
I mean....adorbs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Bruges Crossbody Handbag - Black
I've been looking for a fab black chic but trendy purse.  Perfection.

Boots No7 Exceptional Definition Mascara - Black.Opens in a new window

Ok, I am totally guessing on this one.  Even though I have a bachelors degress in Marketing, I'm still a total sucker for ads & presentation.  If it looks expensive I tell myself that it must be better than the rest.  I know, ridiculous.

For the past year I have been spending tons of $$ on expensive mascara and I am just plain sick of it.  With the gazillion cheap drugstore mascaras there has got to be AT LEAST one that stands above the rest.  I'm desperate for some help here.....

If ANYONE out there in the beautiful blogosphere comes across this a sistah out!

Thanks again, Tara for the fab link up idea!  Love Target and am totally lovin' your blog.

Monday, February 20, 2012

I Love Birthdays!

Had a great time this weekend. I feel so blessed for the friendships Jon and I have. We are surrounded by wonderful people and for that I am truly grateful!!

Enjoy some pics and Happy Monday!!

Friday, February 17, 2012

Who doesn't LOVE Frickin' Fridays?!?!

It's time for round two of why I frickin' love frickin' Fridays.
This Friday is especially special.  Try saying that 5 times in a row..."especially special especially special especially special especially special especially special."  Now throw in a bottle of wine...."especccciiiially special essspppeeccciiiaallly sppppeeeccccialll special espppeessciiiaally." 
My frickin' fabulous husband is taking me out for a (hopefully very romantic) Valentines/Birthday date night.  Happy frickin' birthday to ME! 


If you know us, this is a total throwback picture from one of my sorority formals.  One of my special lady friends...and my one loyal reader may recognize this dress??
On a more frickin' sentimental note....I chose this pic b/c these were the months when I fell in love with this boy.  Special time for Mr. & Mrs. Xenos to be.
Ok, enough with the sapp.
Saturday night.....oh I can feel my frickin' toenails falling off just thinking about it.  My 70's Themed Birthday Par-tay!!!!!  The toenail comment you ask....well I wore white go go boots back in college for one of my date parties and lost BOTH my big toenails a few weeks later.  I literally danced my toenails off!  Who does that!?!?!
I do.
Holy frickin' cow I just peed my pants a little thinking about how excited I am for my disco dress to arrive tomorrow. 
Check out the frickin' get up I have planned for the par-tay....

 Just take out the asian eyes and add in some enormous knockers....and there ya have me.

Should be a frickin' fabulous frickin' Friday leading into a frickin' fabulous frickin' weekend!!!!! 

Thursday, February 16, 2012

You need Xanax to Drive Through Colorado

11 hours later....My mom and I finally arrived to my humble abode here in the midwest.  No, there are no longer beautiful snow capped mountains outside my window....but hey, I do have a couple bushes in the front yard.  I mean, if I had a choice, I would totally choose my view of scraggly thorn clad nasty bush crap anyway over ski slopes. 
As we were journeying over the river and thru the woods on our way back to Kansas...I got to thinking about how horrifying Colorado street signs are. 
As if it's not SCARY ENOUGH driving on a narrow windy road up and down the side of a massive mountain at 5 a.m in PITCH BLACK DARKNESS....the city of Colorado decided to throw in a few of these:

I mean, what the hell am I going to do if an avalanch occurs while I'm driving down the side of a mountain?  I'm going to die a traumatic death that will likely involve freezing to death in my car under a mountain of snow, trying to survive as long as possible on diet coke and a couple shots of Captain Morgan I had left in a small cooler in the backseat.  Why warn  me? 
Oh, and they get better....


Oh, I'm driving up a hill? 
You'd think these signs were made for Snooki.

I mean, she was a vet tech so she knows how to handle a UTI.

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Oh, How Pinteresting!!


First, a shoutout to Michelle and her ADORBS blog!  Thanks for the badge!
I'm going to tell you a little bit about the year that Pinterest STOLE my Thanksgiving.....
Last fall I divorced my husband and married Pinterest.  At the worst timing of the year....the HOLIDAYS.  I. went. crazy.....and thought I'd give you a glimpse into the craziness with my first "Oh, How Pinteresting Wednesday" post.
You may be asking, "why a Thanksgiving post in February, Anne?"  None of your business, bitch.  And I digress.

Ok, no really though, these few ideas can be used year round in lots of creative ways.  Bam, there you have it. 

My friends and I luuuurrrvvve to host dinner parties.  And, lezbian-est (yes, I watch Jersey Shore...don't tell my mom), Thanksgiving is like the ultimate of dinner what better event to get fun ideas from.

This was probably my favorite of the day.  Found this idea on Pinterest and just HAD to re-create. 

$10 -- A couple yards of heavy white fabric from Walmart

$3 -- A couple Sharpie markers (DIFFERENT tip pun intended)

I had each member of the fam write down about 10 or so things that they are thankful for, including my adorbs 3 and 5 year old nephews.  Hey, dinosaurs and BatCaves are SOOOOO something everyone should be thankful for!   Then, at each persons place setting I wrote out the things they had listed for me ahead of time.  Everyone was super surprised and it was sooo much more meaningful than your average gingham tablecloth. 

How to translate year round?  Friends birthday party dinner at your house.  Ask the others what personality trait they love about the birthday gal and jot them all down on the tablecloth with the birthday gals name front and center....and poof, you've got a great conversation piece and a great memory for that special birthday gal! 


Lastly, this adorbs veggie plate.  What a great snack to munch on before dinner....and super cute to look at.  You'll get some stellar hostess points for this one!  Throw a couple different dips in some cute bowls.  Bam. Appetizer served.
Tootles & Happy Wednesday....and HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME!!! 

Monday, February 13, 2012

Why am I going skiing today?

Being the total rookie that I am...I'm picturing this:

I've always wanted to be like Lindsey Vonn, and here's my chance. I'll show this damn mountain what's up, bitch.

Things I will be saying to myself to psych up:

"oh shit, what have I gotten myself into?!"
"why is it so cold!!!"
"I wonder when the bar opens?"
"I look like a pink marshmallow"
"what if I poop my pants.....will it freeze?"
"fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck"
"I miss my dog"
"hmmmm...I wonder who Ben sends home on the bachelor tonight?"
And then.....

WTF. My makeup is going to be ruined.
Why didn't I show up to the mountain looking like this?

Lindsey Vonn....that hot bitch.
And p.s. I'm scared shitless of heights.
The end.

Sunday, February 12, 2012

.....And we're off!!

In about 10 hours, we'll be arriving to our cute little condo in the resort village of Winter Park, Colorado!  God help me to NOT come back in a cast...

Saturday, February 11, 2012

Happy Valentines Day to.....

The most amazing man I've ever met!! Love you boo!!

Friday, February 10, 2012

Its's time for.....I frickin' love fridays.

There is NO better day of the week than a Friday.  So, let's celebrate because......well, it's Friday!

Plans for the weekend....dinner party with FABULOUS friends.

She's one of my frickin' favorites.
And the best frickin' neighbor award goes to......

Why the frick does she have to live in Seattle? Wish she could frickin' be there....

And...the frickin' hubs that I frickin' love

I also frickin' love my family....who I get to see on SATURDAY to celebrate my big 2-6!  Whoop. whoop.

Mi madre.

Then....bright and FRICKIN' early Sunday morning we are OFF to Winter Park, Colorado for a Mom-Dgtr Ski Trip.  Can't Frickin' Wait.

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Nightstand Makeover

First post to my new blog.  FINALLY.  I've been brainstorming for awhile on different topics, ideas, I'm excited to finally get a few on paper, er should I say, blogosphere.

Since my hubby and I moved into our new place last fall, I've become obsessed with thrify, crafty, DIY blogs.  It didn't help that Pinterest rolled out shortly therafter.  My poor husband.

During this time my mind began swimming with DIY ideas that I wanted to re-create for our first home.  I've taken on a few...and just had to begin documenting so hopefully in the years to come, I can look back and be proud of the progress I've made in giving life to 'ol worn out pieces of furniture and creating fun, unique pieces on a budget. Budget is the main word in my husband's vocab, so he's been on board in helping me since day one.   

I know there are a gazillion blogs like this already in exhistance, so first and foremost, a big THANK YOU to them for helping me get started on my DIY journey.  They've given lots of inspiration and I'm sure will continue to do so in the years to come. 

My latest fave....All Things Thrifty.  This weekend, I'm hopefull I'll finally take on the Lima Bean Wreath project.  Have one more supply to pick up in order to get started. Stay tuned....

But to start, I wanted to document my rookie refurb nighstand project.

Found this set for $30 on Craigslist.  Score.  Here's a couple before & after pics.  Sorry, bberry's have THE WORST camera's.  Hopefully an Iphone is in my very near future.

Thanks to AllThingsThrifty, I knew I HAD to prime first.  Then gave them each about 3 coats of black spraypaint.  I invested in the nice brand, per her suggestion and it did save some time and money.  Personally, if it's not a huge project like furniture, I think the $1 per can brand works fine.  But again, just personal opinion.  Lastly, bought some new silver handles from Ace Hardware in my little town and boom, done.  They look a little more pitiful in person, but hey, I'm proud for my first time refinishing furniture.

The main thing I learned....NEVER try to sand laminate wood.  Bad, bad idea.  Unless someone out there whose reading my little blog here has a better idea, I wouldn't suggest it.  Any ideas......anyone.....anyone?  Otherwise, you just prime, paint and deal.

Two Craigslist Nightstands:  $30
Primer & Spray Paint (two cans of each):  $15ish
Shiny silver handles:  $10
Total Cost:  $55
Buying the ones I wanted from Nebraska Furniture Mart:  $160ish

TOTAL SAVINGS:  About $100 bucks