Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Patio Time + Wine Puuuhhhlllease

Linking up for week two with Tara's Target Tuesday link up!  Can't post the adorbs button as my computer at work is stuck in 1982.  Super sorry for the lameness.

With the ahhhhmazing weather we've been having, I'm totally having spring feaver which results in me daydreaming about sitting outside, enjoying the fresh midwest breeze with a chilled glass of cab. Can you blame a sistah??!!

So, I'm luuuvvvviiin....
Target Home™ Rolston Patio Sectional Sofa Furniture Collection.Opens in a new window.Lowrey 3-Piece Wicker Patio Swivel Chat Furniture Set.Opens in a new windowSquare Wood Burning Steel Dark Brown Fire Pit with Granite Surround and Cover 34".Opens in a new window

I realize this probably looks hideous due to spacing issues and such.  All thanks to my GRANDPA computer.

Tootles & Happy Tuesday!

~Mrs X

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