Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Nightstand Makeover

First post to my new blog.  FINALLY.  I've been brainstorming for awhile on different topics, ideas, posts....so I'm excited to finally get a few on paper, er should I say, blogosphere.

Since my hubby and I moved into our new place last fall, I've become obsessed with thrify, crafty, DIY blogs.  It didn't help that Pinterest rolled out shortly therafter.  My poor husband.

During this time my mind began swimming with DIY ideas that I wanted to re-create for our first home.  I've taken on a few...and just had to begin documenting so hopefully in the years to come, I can look back and be proud of the progress I've made in giving life to 'ol worn out pieces of furniture and creating fun, unique pieces on a budget. Budget is the main word in my husband's vocab, so he's been on board in helping me since day one.   

I know there are a gazillion blogs like this already in exhistance, so first and foremost, a big THANK YOU to them for helping me get started on my DIY journey.  They've given lots of inspiration and I'm sure will continue to do so in the years to come. 

My latest fave....All Things Thrifty.  This weekend, I'm hopefull I'll finally take on the Lima Bean Wreath project.  Have one more supply to pick up in order to get started. Stay tuned....

But to start, I wanted to document my rookie refurb nighstand project.

Found this set for $30 on Craigslist.  Score.  Here's a couple before & after pics.  Sorry, bberry's have THE WORST camera's.  Hopefully an Iphone is in my very near future.

Thanks to AllThingsThrifty, I knew I HAD to prime first.  Then gave them each about 3 coats of black spraypaint.  I invested in the nice brand, per her suggestion and it did save some time and money.  Personally, if it's not a huge project like furniture, I think the $1 per can brand works fine.  But again, just personal opinion.  Lastly, bought some new silver handles from Ace Hardware in my little town and boom, done.  They look a little more pitiful in person, but hey, I'm proud for my first time refinishing furniture.

The main thing I learned....NEVER try to sand laminate wood.  Bad, bad idea.  Unless someone out there whose reading my little blog here has a better idea, I wouldn't suggest it.  Any ideas......anyone.....anyone?  Otherwise, you just prime, paint and deal.

Two Craigslist Nightstands:  $30
Primer & Spray Paint (two cans of each):  $15ish
Shiny silver handles:  $10
Total Cost:  $55
Buying the ones I wanted from Nebraska Furniture Mart:  $160ish

TOTAL SAVINGS:  About $100 bucks

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