Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Target Tuesday Link Up!

I came across Tara's fab blog this evening and just HAD to link up for her great idea of Target Tuesdays.  I am a compulsive Target frequenter....I mean, who's not!?  And I'm not just a frequenter of one specific Target, I swear i'm in like all 5 in my area.....weekly.  It's sick.

So.....what I'm loving this Target Tuesday is.........

Jason Wu for Target® Flap Satchel
I mean....adorbs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Bruges Crossbody Handbag - Black
I've been looking for a fab black chic but trendy purse.  Perfection.

Boots No7 Exceptional Definition Mascara - Black.Opens in a new window

Ok, I am totally guessing on this one.  Even though I have a bachelors degress in Marketing, I'm still a total sucker for ads & presentation.  If it looks expensive I tell myself that it must be better than the rest.  I know, ridiculous.

For the past year I have been spending tons of $$ on expensive mascara and I am just plain sick of it.  With the gazillion cheap drugstore mascaras there has got to be AT LEAST one that stands above the rest.  I'm desperate for some help here.....

If ANYONE out there in the beautiful blogosphere comes across this post....help a sistah out!

Thanks again, Tara for the fab link up idea!  Love Target and am totally lovin' your blog.

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