Thursday, February 23, 2012

Kiss & Makeup Thursday

I swear my husbands going to divorce me if I spent one more hour in the beauty aisles at the local drugstores! There's just sooooo many products and brands to choose's madness. Then to make matters worse you have celebs on tv telling you to buy cover girl so you can look like Sophia Vegera. So you run out and buy the latest "flawless foundation" just to feel disappointed when your skin doesn't look airbrushed.

The solution to this drugstore makeup epidemic? Kiss & Makeup Thursdays!

I'm going to review those drugstore eyeliners, shadows, concealors, pencils, tweezers, powders, liquids, eyelashes, blushes, shimmer products, shapers, polishes, primers, lipsticks, glosses, and my face.....mascaras. Hopefully my non airbrushed, transparent reviews will give other gals like me some insight into what products will enhance your already there beauty!

First up....brown liquid eyeliner. I have been looking for ages for a good brown in a liquid form.

For all you "go natural and still look foxy" ladies, this one is for you. It's a natural, light brown tone. But it goes in with the super precise b/c it's a liquid.

I will admit, liquid takes practice however once you go liquid you never go back!

My suggestion would be to practice with a brown like this Loreal brand.

Super natural but still gives your eye a little pop to it.

Not glam for a night out with your girls (pole dancing), but great for a day at the office. Best part? It withstood the 9-5 test.

If anyone us reading, let me know if there are any products you'd like me to try next week!


Mrs Xenos

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