Thursday, May 31, 2012

It's Ok Thursday....4 Weeks Post Boob Surgery!

      Its Ok Thursdays

Thank the GOOD LORD almighty that it's ALREADY THURSDAY!  Man I love holiday weekends because the week after flies by.  4 day weeks.  I'll take it, bitch.

I'm linking up again with Amber & Neely for "It's ok.." Thursday.  Are you? 

--It's OK that I had to take a 4 week sebaticle from training for my upcoming 5K in order to have a breast reduction...because I realized on my first run back this past Monday, that I still GOT IT.  Boo ya.  Man, running without having the weight of a small child hanging off your body is SO much easier.  Phew.

--It's OK that I had a super weird dream that I was at my surgeons office and he had a contraption that could weigh my breasts.  One weighed 15 lbs and the other weighed 5.  Damn I'm glad i woke up because that would be one awkward looking chest.

--It's OK that our damn dryer broke. 

--It's OK that I really should be re-painting my blue toenails right now in order to look more professional for work today.  But instead, I'm blogging.
Priorities....schi-mor-ities.  Is that a word?

--It's ok that we have watched 6 hours worth of gruesome blood battles & disturbing scenes this week due to the History's Channels "Hatfields & McCoys" movie.  Disturbing, hell yes.  But worth it, hell to the YES.

--It's OK that I watched a manly gruesome blood bath all week, because tonight is MY night to choose.  NCAA Women's College World Series.  YES PLEASE.
Did I mention I played college softball?  Damn I miss it.

--Speaking of my 'ol softball days, it's been a YEAR since I've seen a couple of my FAVORITE gals that I grew up playing ball with because....and that's ok, because I get to see their FACES ON SATURDAY!  We called ourselves "The Ruckus."  I  know, super intimidating, right?

--And lastly, IT'S OK that I signed up to bring chips & salsa for a work bbq this afternoon, however I ended up buying all the crap from the store.  I'll throw it in a set of matching bowls and pretend that it's homemade.  Don't judge. 

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

The Bachelorette Dish: Wow...can we say ARIE?!

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A grown woman knows how to admit when she's wrong, and BOY was I w-r-o-n-g last week when I spoike so fondly of Mr. Ryan.  All you ladies, PLEASE join me in saying....WHAT AN ASSHOLE.  I'm sure Jillian is just cringing inside watching another Wes grace The Bachelorette screen.  Let's just hope Ryan doesn't bust out a guitar & serenade next week.

Enough about narcissistic Ryan.

Let's move on to Chris & Emily's date.

Because this date was the first one of the episode, I was feeling optimistic about Chris.  Yes, he's only 25, but they seemed to move past that and have some great chemistry.  And that kiss!?  He earned some major points in my book when he asked for permission.  Class act, girls.

However, how awkward are these dancing scenes?  I think they need to have a few more glasses of wine before they break out onto the dance floor because it's painful to watch at times.  I would compare it to an eighth grade sweetheart dance.  Awwwkkward.

Moving on:  Group Date.  At first I didn't agree with the whole brining her friends to "grill" the guys.  I thought it may have been a little too early on to pull the friend card, but as the date went on, I was totally on board with her decision.  I mean, why continue to date these guys for weeks on end, develop connections, and then realize some are just total douchebags.  No thank you.

This date was when Ryan just crashed and burned. He told her that she couldn't get fat after they got married, then tried to redeem himself by saying he'd still LOVE her but just not love ON HER.  It's over man.  You are an idiot moron.  Who the hell says that!?!  Man, he went up in flames in my book. 

And I think her friend Whitney forgot that these guys were on a show called The Bachelorette, trying to win Emily's heart.  I was worried she was going to rip her clothes off and let him have her right there on the picnic table. 

Moving on, and saving the best for last:  Her date with Arie.  You girls were SOOO right on calling this one a front runner.  Yes, I think their relationship may move a bit slower...however I think that's exactly the kind of guy Emily needs.  Someone who is willing to invest the time to truely win her heart.  And their chemistry?!!?  I'm having a hot flash just thinking about it.

I haven't projected a true winner yet, but I'm calling it on this one.

As my husband would say, WINNER WINNER, CHICKEN DINNER.

What do you gals think??????????? 

I would SOOOO love to read your thoughts so far on this season!  Grab my button and link up with my co-host Megan and I, so we can follow along your "dish sessions" week after week!

Monday, May 28, 2012

Memorial Day Weekend Bliss

Happy Memorial Day to my wonderfully supportive blog familia! And a BIG thank you to ALL of our service men and women who fight, and sometimes give their life, for our freedom that we have today.

Just think if we didn't gave freedom of speech. We wouldn't be able to create blogs and reach out to one another on a daily basis offering advice, offering a kind word or leaving a little "pick me up"comment from time to time.

We have SO much to be thankful for, and that's a trait on myself that I constantly try to improve. I tend to worry about anything and everything. I've always been that way, since I was a little girl.

I'm going to get a bit personal here, but I feel it's necessary to get my point across. I lost my father when I was 11 to drug abuse and alcoholism. It broke my two older brothers and I's spirits to the core. It also threw my mom into the toughest job ON THE EARTH: Being a single parent to three broken children.

Because of my badass mother, we somehow made it! We're all a little screwed up still, but we came out of a horrible experience stronger and more aware about how hard life can get.

In my grief, I developed OCD (obsessive compulsive disorder). I was scared to death that if I didn't touch a door handle over and over, in a certain way, that my mom would die in a car crash. It was scary as hell. I lived in a constant state of fear.

I eventually grew out of the disorder around the time I turned 15. But thru that experience, I was forever changed.

I'm more aware of my disorder, more aware of my anxiety and worrying. It's something that I'll always battle, but because I understand it, I know when I need to LET GO AND LET GOD.

I still struggle sometimes, but it's so liberating when I'm able to focus on all of the blessings around me! I don't know if I would be able to realize how much I am blessed had I not been thru a terrible loss like losing your father.

So on this memorial day, keep all of those people who have lost someone they love so dearly and say a little prayer for them...and take the time today and everyday to love on those special people who bring you SO MUCH joy!

In's some fun pics from J and I's weekend with his parents down in Rose Hill, Kansas (suburb on Wichita).

If you follow me on Instagram, you're getting double whammies with some of these. If you DON'T follow me on Instagram...what's wrong with you? Check me out: @annexenos.

J's man bags

Birthday present time!


Coolest Zoo ever!!!

Apparently I love giraffes.

No zoom used, ya 'all. We were THAT close!

Feeding the rhino!

Evening out in Oldtown...don't you just love brick streets!



Hopefully tonight's episode isn't a snooze fest!

Friday, May 25, 2012

Nail Polish & Lingerie, Bitch

The Nail Files
"What? Did she just call me a Bitch?"

Damn right I did. I have mint colored nails.

Am I weird or does having a super cool nail color make you feel like a badass?

Ask Tara or Vicki. I bet they'd agree.

If you're nails don't make you feel really badass, then you're wearing the wrong color my friend.

For me, I felt badass the minute I painted on of this minty fresh hue.

However I could have used a little of that badass-ness upon PURCHASING the polish...

Who goes to a store to buy new polish & some hot pink leopard lingerie.

This girl.

Do you know how uncomfortable I felt in the check out line? All eyes on the weirdo with nail polish and lingerie.

As the stares beamed thru me, I kept imagining what these people were thinking.

Boy, she must be in for a wild night.

But I held my head high and tried to minimize the blushing.

After all folks, I was about to have minty fresh nails.

Where might someone buy lingerie and nail polish under one roof one might ask?


Don't judge me.

The lingerie polish is pretty hot.

Thursday, May 24, 2012

It's Ok Thursday: 3 Weeks POST Boob Surgery

Its Ok Thursdays

Can you believe that it's already been THREE weeks since my reduction.  Holy.  I guess when you have small boobs, time flies.

I'm linking up again with Amber & Neely this week for "It's ok.." Thursday.  Join in the fun by hopping on over to their blogs and linking up as well!

--It's ok that I've let THREE whole weeks pass since my breast reduction surgery and haven't posted any before/after pics.  Well, it's ok...because I'm going to post a couple now! 

Before: Size G

After: Size C

--It's ok that I let my alarm go off on average of 4-5 times EVERY morning before I get my lazy ass out of bed.  I can't believe my husband hasn't divorced me.

--It's ok that sometimes I get overwhelmed at all of the successful blogs I follow and feel as if it will take FOREVER to gain a following like theirs. 

--It's ok that I am an animal before my coffee. 

--It's ok that I LOOK like an animal before my coffee.  You should see me right now.  Aaahhhh!

--It's ok that I didn't hire a web designer for my new blog design.  I may want to rip my hair out at times, or punch holes in the wall with frustration, but it's coming along and I'm frickin' proud of myself. 

--It's ok that Jessica Sanchez lost last night. 

--It's ok that my tiny little pup chews on pig ears & turkey claw bones.  Whatever makes my husband feel more manly.

--It's ok that some of my clothes hang quite loose around my boobies now that my surgeon removed 50% of them.  So. freaking. worth. it.  I'll wear baggy clothes ALL DAY long baby, just to have these  new boobs.

--it's ok that it took an entire month, 4 trips to Zales and a entirely new anniversary band. The wait was worth it.

What's ok for all of you BEAUTIFUL readers on this (the weeks almost over thank the GOOD LORD) Thursday??????

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

The Bachelorette Dish: Week Two Link Up Part-AY!

Time for another Bachelorette Dish:  Link up Party!  Please please please, if you want to link up with us, GRAB OUR BUTTON and link up using the SimplyLinked widget at the bottom of my post.  Then hop on over to my co-host's blog, More From Meg and link up there as well.  We so want to hear all your juicy feedback, but won't be able to unless we know you are linking up!  Hope lots of you beautiful ladies join us this week!
Another week down....and I hate to admit this, but I was literally DOZING off toward the end of this episode.  I am struggling ladies!  Yes, she's beautiful.  Yes, she's kind.  And yes, she's flirtatious.  But then, BAM!  You hit a wall.  It seems the extent of the excitement this season will be how fast Emily can bat her eyelashes.
And the muppet thing.  I wasn't into it. 
Wah. wah. wah.
What I WAS into was that ADORABLE pink sequin skirt with grey tank.  Super adorable and super sexy all wrapped up into one outfit.  That one was a winner.
Ok, moving on.  Let's recap.
Ryan:  Loved him last week.  Not so much this week.  I just felt like he was saying what SHE wanted to hear, which is a great strategy to WIN but I just wasn't buying it and surprisingly, I don't think Emily was either.  Your muscles, beautiful eyes and womanly thick hair that's hotter than mine won't win this thing Ryan.  He's GOT to get better at coming off more genuine!  And what the hell!  Who doesn't kiss her when you're slow dancing to a song called, "Are you going to KISS ME OR NOT!"  Idiot.
Jef: this guy and I think Emily does too.  I wasn't crazy about the whole skateboard act last week.  Grow up you child.  But this week, I felt he was truely humble and that's super sexy.  I mean, not as sexy as my husband of course.  But sexy.  I think he's a front runner fo sho.
Tony:  WHO STANDS THERE AND WATCHES YOUR GIRL READ A LOVE LETTER FROM ANOTHER MAN.  Awkward. Extremely.  Best part of the show.  Likely.  Which is SAD, ya 'all!  Another thing that sucked about their convo---NO CHEMISTRY WHATSOEVER.  Hey Tony, just because you have a 5 yeaer old does NOT mean she'll automatically fall in love with you.  These guys think that's a pick up line and it's hilarious.  Hey, I got knocked up when I was younger and now have a 5 year old that's super cool.  Wanna date? 

Kalon, aka the Wes of this season. Not a Bentley, but a Wes.  But still, the Wes of this season....pretty terrible title to have.  This guy better shut up before he gets rocked by one of the other roided out contestants.  No other description is really needed for this kid. I'm thinking he'll be exiting almost as dramatically as his arrival, and this will likely be happening soon.  I hope.

And I'm going to wrap this up with the only other fella that seems worth to discuss this week...the ADORABLE Charlie!:  Ok, how sweet is this kid!  Weird calling him a kid as he's a massive beast, but he's just so damn cute you just want to pinch his cheeks.  His face cheeks, not his butt cheeks.  Get your head outta the gutter ladies!  This guy is the real deal.  Been thru a near death experience so is naturally more humble and down to earth than other people are.  This just comes with the whole, "you almost die" thing.  But the coolest thing about this guy is that he's so IN TUNE with himself.  Because of this I feel he's ready to be a great partner to someone.  I just hope Emily quits batting her little eyelids and is able to SEE THIS GUY.  Hello, why are you picking Charlie for like the second to last rose.  C'mon Emily!

Monday, May 21, 2012

Blog Makeover!!

Things look a little different around here today....and I'm LOVING it! 

I spent ALL WEEKEND studying, watching videos & reading lots and lots of tutorials on web design.  Thanks to Pixlr & YouTube, I was able to whip out the beginning of a new blog design:  Hell on Heels.

When I first rolled out this blog, "Newly.....Everything" felt like an appropriate name as I felt this past year of my life was full of change and all things new. Jon and I were (and still are) newlyweds, we moved into a new home, I had taken a new position at work, we moved to a new town and were forming new friendships. So was born Newly.....Everything.

But I never really felt "connected" to that blog title. It was just too literal, you know? It just never really felt like me.

For weeks I've been mulling over ideas in my little marketing brain, trying to come up with a name that I connected with.

And it hit me last week on my way home from work: Hell on Heels.

And I'm a huge Pistol Anniesfan, and seeing them live in concert last Friday kinda helped.

If Noah Webster had come to me, asking for my definition of Hell on Heels, this is what I would have told him.

Hell on Heels: hell•on•heels
Pronunciation: \'hel 'on 'heels \
Function: adjective
1 : being fearless
2 : having the confidence to look in the mirror and love what you see (even if you're carrying a few extra lbs)
3 : having the energy to tackle a days worth of duties, making it look effortless, all while wearing a fabulous pair of heels
3 : and lastly, raising a little hell from time to time

I want to be that woman. Everyday.

I hope you all enjoy the new look as much as I do!

Lastly, of you're a Bachelorette fan, don't forget to link up with my co host & I for The Bachelorette Dish!

And more importantly, I hope your week is a hell on heels kind of week!

Hell on Heels

Friday, May 18, 2012

The Nail Files: Top Coat Problems...

The Nail Files

I'm linking up with
Vickiand Tara this week....And

I am on a mission to find a new top coat that actually KEEPS it's promise to keep my nails glossy & chip free.

Im SO ready to break up with mine, but not until I have another lined up. This top coat has promised me things year after you, but never follows thru.

I'm done.

And I need YOUR help to finally be ready to move on!

On Sunday eve, I did a full mani pedi with my new Essie.

Then I topped it off with the usual...

Seche Vite. I even bought the "restore" that I use by putting a couple drops in my top coat bottle every couple months. Still sucks.
Monday morning I looked down and noticed this!

By Thursday, they looked like this.

NOT acceptable.

So help a blog sistah out and HELP ME FIND A NEW boyfriend TOP COAT!!!

Until then, I gave myself a new mani this morning with...

Looks good now, but we're only 10 minutes in. We'll get in a fight soon.