Friday, May 4, 2012

Brest Reduction Surgery: Check

As I lay here with my back propped up with pillows, coming down off my anesthesia high, I think to myself....I'm fucking hungry & what is with these drainage tubes.

And of course, how lucky I am to have had the opportunity to have this surgery. All thanks to a tremendously supportive husband, family and friends.
And of course, cold hard cash.
But that's another day and another story. Screw you health insurance policy.

My day began at 4:30 with no water, food OR COFFEE, so therefore no routine morning poop. Yes you read that right. I said the word poop. Don't judge.
After taking a few last minute fotos of the twins (I will not be posting those....or on second thought, maybe I will post 'em. "Newly Everything Porn" has a nice ring to it, don't 'cha think?)

And I digress.

Back to my story.

We jumped in the car around 5:15 and began the journey to the surgical center. No true jumping actually occurred because my knockers would have KNOCKED me out. No thank you.

Since it was super duper early the roads were nice and clear....but it was sure dark at that hour!

After a pitstop at McD's for the husband, we finally arrived.....

Got all checked in. Within a couple hours I was all prepped and ready for a bourbon, oh I meant anesthesia.

This foto makes me think of that rap song..."I'm sexy and I know it!"

But wait, the outfit gets better.

Bright red socks with traction slips.

By this point I was feeling totally foxy.

Now add in the compression leg wraps that look like a thigh high white cast.

J had a hard time keeping his hands off me!

Grey hospital gown, bright red granny socks and thigh high puffy leg wraps. I was a total turn on.
Around 8:30 it was go time.
A dose of the anesthesia and I was sleeping like a baby.

I came to around 1:30 and was on the way home around 3:00.
When I woke up in recovery, I was feeling like a big piece of poo. Full of nausea & topped off with a side of pain.

Luckily we had a big bottle of pain pills waiting for us at home.
Once I tossed one of those bad boys down my throat, it's been smooth sailing ever since! Knock on wood.

Mom came over and spent the evening with us which was WONDERFUL! Nothing beats having Mom around when you're feeling crappy. That should be the 11th Commandment. I'm sure Jesus would agree.

She came bearing gifts which is always fun!

A couple hours into the evening my favorite neighbor and dear friend Katy came by to check on me.....and like Mom, she came with gift in tow.

I had no idea folks brought gifts to a recovering breast reduction patient. Maybe I should notdo this more often.

As the night has dwindled down...I still can't believe this is reality. That I actually went thru with the surgery.

I have to tell you, it's a damn good reality to be a part of.

Signing off,
Full of Pain Meds & Sporting Some Great New Breasts....
Yours Truly

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Laura said...

Glad it all went well!

Julie said...

Hope you're up and healing nicely! Hang in there!

Meghan @ More from Meg said...

Glad things went well!! Heal up fast and go shopping at Ulta!! :)

Al said...

Yay! All went well! And with those socks, I'm surprised you didn't have all the hot male nurses and doctors bangin on your door... :)

Proud of you, friend. I haven't read too far back yet (not sure if this was medically induced or cosmetically...) but I had cosmetic ear surgery when I was 17 and have never for a second regretted it.

Rock those fabulous new ta-tas, and feel better, sweetheart!


Unknown said...

First of all I am glad you made it through the surgery and are feeling good!!
Secondly, I am very impressed that you managed to come up with such a fun, witty post while coming off of the anesthesia! When I was recovering from my surgery I could barely think straight, let alone write something grammatically correct! Great post!

DSR said...

I am loving that BOOB breakdown sign. The word totally makes sense now. I had the same surgery back in 2001. Congrats on your decision!