Monday, May 7, 2012

Day Four: Post Surgery

Im taking a break from my typical Kiss & Makeup Monday Post and continuing with my daily recap of my road to recovery.

Yesterday I was feeling pretty sore ALL morning but I had been dying to get out of the house. Since I had to remove all my nail polish pre surgery, what better time to get a mani/pedi! The hubs treated me to lunch followed by an ultra relaxing spa experience!!

I love me some Reese & Lauren Conrad!

Couldn't decide on a color!!!!!

I went with NONE of the above and chose a fun, bright purple!

It was so nice to get out of the house....such a treat!

Then the crazy evening of storms set in.....and living in the Midwest, our storms don't mess around!

The view off our back deck!

Out the front screen door...

And no signs of slowing down!!

It was a wild evening, but luckily only a couple small tornadoes touched down.

This morning I woke up feeling sore, but not near as sore as yesterday.

I also felt super grimy, so I decided to treat myself to a shower. A shower these days is a major EVENT! We're talking an hour before all is said and done. This is mainly due to the drainage tubes and having to move ultra slow to ensure you don't strain yourself or rip out a stitch.

I made it thru the shower ok...but worn out!

Ive decided I'm going to try again to go a day without pain pills. I have taken an 800 mg Ibuprofen, but that's all so far. Cross your fingers!!

Also, please Lord help my drainage to be less than 30 cc's today, because IF NOT, they won't remove the tubes tomorrow. :(

Yesterday's 24 hour period produced 32 cc's. So I'm starting to worry a bit...


hollybeary creations said...

Fingers crossed on those Drainage tubes... Those things are a BITCH!!! You will feel so much better without them. You are looking good girl!

Anne said...

Amen!!! I am SUPER hopeful I'll get them out tomorrow!!!!

Al said...

I literally just grabbed both my boobs (is this an overshare for the internet??) and literally felt sympathy pain. You poor girl! I had cosmetic ear surgery when I was 17 and I remember how showering became a HUGE ordeal,for fear of ripping out stitches. Ugh, you poor, poor girl!

Such a fun nail color, and a great hubby for treating you to a nice afternoon out!

Crossing my fingers you have less than 30ccs!

Love to you, friend!

Anne said...

Yay...only 19 cc's, so we're all good! Otherwise I may have thrown myself off a cliff in a state of misery. Dramatic. Maybe. But it felt good saying it.