Friday, May 11, 2012

The Nail Files: With A Little Side Of Boob Talk

The Nail Files

Yes folks, you read that right. I'm going all things nail today. No boob talk allowed.

Ok, I may slip a little boob talk in. It was only 8 days ago that I went under the knife and got some of the boobs cut off. Cut me some slack.

A couple days before surgery, I gave myself a full mani/pedi thinking it would make me feel more "put together" when I came to from the anesthesia. "Ya Anne, your toenails are going to be the FIRST thing on your mind after a life altering surgery."


Well lucky me, the night before I was scheduled to go in, I read in the instructions that I was to have NO polish on whatsoever.

Well shit.

So even though the beauty of this Essie color was short lived, it was fun while it lasted.

Until we meet again, my friend.

P.S. I'm going to Miranda Lambert tonight. I wonder what color of nail polish she's wearing....


tara said...

such a pretty color! have fun tonight!

Vicki said...

Love that color, I actually had it in my hands to get for this week and then changed my mind at the last second! Thanks for linking up!

Jessica said...

Great color! I've never understood the no nail polish during surgery rule :/

Alexis said...

Glad you had a little taste of beautiful color before the surgery. I never knew that rule of no polish, but the only surgery I ever had was emergency, so it's not like there was an orderly with an acetone soaked cotton ball cleaning off my toenails beforehand.

Laura said...

Great color! How are you feeling?

Kimberlee said...

Yes unfortunately before surgery you're not allowed to wear polish :( My sis came in and painted my toes once I got out of surgery. Perhaps bring that fabulous color with you!

Hope everything goes well :)