Saturday, May 5, 2012

Day 1 & 2: Post Surgery

I figure over the next few weeks, my little blog here will become all things BOOB.

So bear with me. Because as of late, I eat/sleep/dream boob, all day everyday. I'm like a man.

Also, if any of you have girlfriends out there contemplating having a breast reduction, feel free to encourage them to check out my blog.

Hopefully it's a story that will inspire others to get a reduction if it's something they've been pondering....

Day One & Two Post Surgery:
Extremely sore...however tolerable due to the ahhhmazing pain pills the doc prescribed.

My breasts are taped up around all incision marks, which include underneath both breasts and around the nipple. But otherwise I can see what they actually look like which is just crazy amazing.

I thought I would be wrapped in gauze for the first few days, so I am pleasantly surprised!

I have spent these first 24-48 hours on bed rest, propped up by lots of pillows so as to allow good drainage. I know, sounds disgusting but it's really not that bad.

Day 1: Post surgery was full of pain pills. Every 4 hours in the dot to ensure I didn't feel any pain at all.

Day 2: I have stopped all pain meds and am down to just 800mg Ibuprofen every 8 hours or do. It seems to be doing the job, just not quite as good as the pain pills were doing.

I have also been icing, ALOT. This is to help keep the swelling down.

The frozen pea ice sessions are what I look forward to the most. The cooling sensation feels great due to my soreness.

Also, the drainage tubes have to be emptied every 12 hours or so. The good news is that the drainage is starting to be less and less which makes me feel even more confident that they will come out during my post op visit on Tuesday. In order for the doc to take them out, drainage has to be below 30 cc's. So far so good! Can't wait!!!

Today (day two post surgery) I was also able to take my first shower which felt AMAZING!!! My surgeon painted this hard plastic solution all over the surgical wound sites so they are waterproof! It's amazing how far technology has come! I'm glad the surgeon we picked has been more radical than most in his techniques.

The most awkward part was the what to do with the drainage tubes during my shower. I had to safety pin then to a long lanyard that hung around my neck. Awkward yes. Worth it to have a shower. Hell yes.

In closing, I have to say how lucky I am to have such an amazing husband! From bringing me pills constantly, cooking for us, being there everytime I need help getting to the bathroom, bringing me ice packs ALL day long...and the list goes on and on. Seriously, I'm a lucky wife. I could not be more thankful for him than I am right now.

Also, my Mom has been wonderful. Today was her Birthday & Cinco De Mayo. And she spent the day taking care of me. It was fun to spend these last few hours with her...even though I feel rotten that she spent her Birthday cooped up with me! But hey, we did get to have ONE Skinny Girl Margarita as it is Cinco De Mayo after all!

Margarita & Frozen Peas: Happy Cinco De Mayo!!!!!

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