Saturday, October 10, 2015

My Home Office.

If you follow me on Instagram (@annexenos), you know we purchased a fixer upper back in June & have been in full blown remodel mode for the past several months.  One of the first spaces I wanted to complete (outside the kitchen of course) was my home office.  I accepted a new position with the company i work for back in May, and knew I'd be working from home a few days a week.  The transition has been....interesting.  It's a bit isolating some days, working in a big empty house everyday instead of a bustling office environment.  Because of this, I wanted my office to be CHEERY.  I wanted it to be bright, happy, inspirational....and FUN.




{Desk:  Repurposed Antique Door, Wall Art: Hobby Lobby, Chair: Gordmans, Lamp: Walmart}

{Wall art from Hobby Lobby & things gifted}

{Lamp, Walmart!  I know, shocking!  Digital Frame: Gift from Jon, and my favorite, the Pumpkin:  Painted by my sweet girl}

{Wooden Hello: Hobby Lobby}

{Frame:  Hobby Lobby}

{Hobby Lobby}

{Glass Bird: Antique Store}

PS, If you're looking for a great read, you HAVE to pick up Tina Fey's book, Bossypants! 

Wherever Mom's at, she's has to be right there with me...making EPIC messes. :)

{Wooden Sign: Antique Store, Background art: Greeting card that's framed}

{Mason Jar: Antique Store, Glass Art: Hallmark}

{Frame: Gift, Wooden art: Gordmans}

This balloon is one of my most treasured possessions, gifted to me by my old team. 

{Frame: Gift from my Mom for my first Mothers Day}


{Gift from my Mom}

{Picked up in an antique store}

Lara's playroom is right across the hall...clearly she gets good use out of it. :)

 More of our home to come!!