Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Oh, How Pinteresting!!


First, a shoutout to Michelle and her ADORBS blog!  Thanks for the badge!
I'm going to tell you a little bit about the year that Pinterest STOLE my Thanksgiving.....
Last fall I divorced my husband and married Pinterest.  At the worst timing of the year....the HOLIDAYS.  I. went. crazy.....and thought I'd give you a glimpse into the craziness with my first "Oh, How Pinteresting Wednesday" post.
You may be asking, "why a Thanksgiving post in February, Anne?"  None of your business, bitch.  And I digress.

Ok, no really though, these few ideas can be used year round in lots of creative ways.  Bam, there you have it. 

My friends and I luuuurrrvvve to host dinner parties.  And, lezbian-est (yes, I watch Jersey Shore...don't tell my mom), Thanksgiving is like the ultimate of dinner what better event to get fun ideas from.

This was probably my favorite of the day.  Found this idea on Pinterest and just HAD to re-create. 

$10 -- A couple yards of heavy white fabric from Walmart

$3 -- A couple Sharpie markers (DIFFERENT tip pun intended)

I had each member of the fam write down about 10 or so things that they are thankful for, including my adorbs 3 and 5 year old nephews.  Hey, dinosaurs and BatCaves are SOOOOO something everyone should be thankful for!   Then, at each persons place setting I wrote out the things they had listed for me ahead of time.  Everyone was super surprised and it was sooo much more meaningful than your average gingham tablecloth. 

How to translate year round?  Friends birthday party dinner at your house.  Ask the others what personality trait they love about the birthday gal and jot them all down on the tablecloth with the birthday gals name front and center....and poof, you've got a great conversation piece and a great memory for that special birthday gal! 


Lastly, this adorbs veggie plate.  What a great snack to munch on before dinner....and super cute to look at.  You'll get some stellar hostess points for this one!  Throw a couple different dips in some cute bowls.  Bam. Appetizer served.
Tootles & Happy Wednesday....and HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME!!! 


Erin said...

you had me at "You may be asking, "why a Thanksgiving post in February, Anne?" None of your business, bitch. And I digress."

Best blog line ever. Still laughing out loud!

Anne said...

Glad I could give ya a good laugh! Miss you friend!