Friday, February 17, 2012

Who doesn't LOVE Frickin' Fridays?!?!

It's time for round two of why I frickin' love frickin' Fridays.
This Friday is especially special.  Try saying that 5 times in a row..."especially special especially special especially special especially special especially special."  Now throw in a bottle of wine...."especccciiiially special essspppeeccciiiaallly sppppeeeccccialll special espppeessciiiaally." 
My frickin' fabulous husband is taking me out for a (hopefully very romantic) Valentines/Birthday date night.  Happy frickin' birthday to ME! 


If you know us, this is a total throwback picture from one of my sorority formals.  One of my special lady friends...and my one loyal reader may recognize this dress??
On a more frickin' sentimental note....I chose this pic b/c these were the months when I fell in love with this boy.  Special time for Mr. & Mrs. Xenos to be.
Ok, enough with the sapp.
Saturday night.....oh I can feel my frickin' toenails falling off just thinking about it.  My 70's Themed Birthday Par-tay!!!!!  The toenail comment you ask....well I wore white go go boots back in college for one of my date parties and lost BOTH my big toenails a few weeks later.  I literally danced my toenails off!  Who does that!?!?!
I do.
Holy frickin' cow I just peed my pants a little thinking about how excited I am for my disco dress to arrive tomorrow. 
Check out the frickin' get up I have planned for the par-tay....

 Just take out the asian eyes and add in some enormous knockers....and there ya have me.

Should be a frickin' fabulous frickin' Friday leading into a frickin' fabulous frickin' weekend!!!!! 

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