Friday, April 19, 2013


 What a week.

The Boston Marathon bombing....the fertilizer plant explosion....the transformer that blew outside my house yesterday evening.  I mean, talk about a week full of explosions!

Luckily it sounds as if they have the bomb suspects on lock down.  One's dead & hopefully the other will be taken into custody and tortured in prison for the rest of his life. 
Gruesome, you say?  Nah.

On a personal note, I feel as if this week flew by.  There's so much change going on in my professional life that everyday seems to bring news about someone moving on, someone taking another job, someone giving notice, etc etc.  A few weeks ago I threw a little "Congrats" party for this gal.
Her last day in our office is today.
Insert crying fit here.
I found out yesterday that it appears my transfer will be Monday, May 13th.  
Throughout this past month, this quote has been running thru my head 

For me, this quote just resonates to the core.
I'm excited for my new opportunity but also scared as hell.
Moving on.
The weekend.
Man, there really is no better day than Friday. 
Am I right or am I right?
My weekend consists of a whole lot of nuthin'.
I'm really really hopeful that the sun will come out to play with  me tomorrow.
If so, sun bathing is definitely in order.
In other exciting news.....our 2 year wedding anniversary is TUESDAY!!
You know how everyone says, wow...where have the past few years gone!? 
Or, has it really been 2 years already
I don't feel that way.  I can "feel" the two years in our marriage, and I'm thankful for that.
But hey, I'll save my explanation for my post next week.
How's that for a teaser?
Ok, well time to hit the shower & head to work. 
Why don't I work from home again?


SMD @ lifeaccordingtosteph said...

Aside from winning the lottery and being free to work anywhere or not work anywhere, working from home is my fondest dream.

I feel every year of the 11 years we've been together. I like it that way.

jessica said...

ooh a new job! how exciting!! one day i'll be able to work from day.

Deidre said...

At my old job, I got to work from home a few times a month and I absolutely loved it. I was so productive it was a little sickening.