Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Two Years.

Of marriage, that is.
I can't believe two years ago today I said "I Do" on a beautiful, sunny April afternoon. 
Right now it's 25 degrees with a chance of snow.
What the hell is that? 
To say that these two years "flew by" would be a lie. 
We savored every moment....
.....as we have done since we fell in love 5 wonderful years ago.
Year two of marriage wasn't all rainbows & butterflies. 
The fights get a little deeper and take a little longer to resolve.
There were sleepless nights.  
And yes, a few slamming doors. 

But I wouldn't trade any moment of this past year, fights and all
....because I'd rather fight with this guy than be with anyone else.
Year two started with the second best decision I've ever made,
second only to marrying you of course.
Getting a breast reduction.
Something I never would've had the courage to do without YOU
Not many men would love their ladies to get their tata's cut off....all while wearing
a Hooter's shirt saying "Goodbye Hooters."
But you, my love, didn't bat an eye.

On a "lighter note" (pun totally intended), we enjoyed an AMAZING year of concerts.

Justin Moore, Miranda Lambert & Eric Church to name a few.
I'll never forget the night of the Eric Church concert this past fall! 
It was your birthday weekend and for your present, I surprised you with this....
When I look back over the year, the moment we'll always treasure
was the day we signed the papers on our very first home.


And well, apparently we couldn't just stop at a house. 
We added a green machine to the family as well.
And more recently, an 'ol boat.
We cruised across the Caribbean.
We trekked across Jamaica.
Horseback rode on the coast of Grand Cayman Island.
And kayaked in Mexico.
But none of these things compare to the joy that our family experienced
when these 3 little ones made their debut!

Wyatt Frank

Charlotte Ann
Emmett Alexander
Who knows what year three will bring us....maybe our own little one?
I do know one thing that's for certain.
As I look over the past year in pictures, I realized something....
I love you more today, Mr. Flintstone, than I ever have before.
You really are my sunshine.
Happy Anniversary!


SMD @ lifeaccordingtosteph said...

I love this post and how you illustrated your sentiment with your pics. Happy anniversary to you and your husband!


So sweet! Happy Anniversary! Now go make a baby! ;)

tara said...

happy anniversary! :)

Brittany said...

Happy belated anniversary!
My husband and I aren't TOO far behind, and I resonated a whole lot with this post
(except for all the traveling. Jealous!!!)
So sweet; Here's to many more!

Sarah said...

Happy belated anniversary and a HUGE congrats on the new job, you rock!!!

MarlaJan said...

I am REALLY REALLY behind on my blog reading!!! Hope you and the hubs enjoyed your 2nd! HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY ANNIVERSARY!!!

PS- As a former Hooters girl, LOVED the "Goodbye Hooters" pic!