Monday, April 30, 2012

Kiss & Makeup Monday: My May Purchases (Redbook Truth Test)

If you're anything like me, I have always been curious as to how "truthful" those magazine beauty product reviews are. I have always assumed that the products featured have paid the magazine lots of $moulah$ to have their product marketed.

Maybe that's the marketer in me, always analyzing the how's and whys of advertising.

Well this month I decided to do a little investigating into how truly honest these drugstore beauty product magazine reviews are. Magazine chosen: Redbook. MY FAVE!

I've been hearing a lot of scuttle about the John Frieda dry shampoo spray. And when I saw it featured in my most recent issue of Redbook, I decided to try it out myself.

Im a shower every morning gal but lez-be-honest. That can be taxing. When I came across the dry shampoo idea, I was stoked. I thought to myself, this would be phenomenal on those mornings where you're aiming to shed off a few minutes of your morning routine!

I had to work this past Saturday. I know, you're jealous. Who doesn't love getting up early on a Saturday morning to go to work!?
I decided to give the John Frieda a try!

Here are some before and Afters. Yes, that's me right out of bed. I know, I totally resemble Kim Kardashian. She wishes she could look like me when she wakes up!

According to the article, you spray on your roots.

Arm yourself with a blow dryer.

And comb thru to finish.

And style!

The best part: how fresh your hair looks, sans shower! Even the roots which typically collect the grease.

Overall, I think it was an honest recommendation on Redbooks part. It did the job they said it would.

My complaint would be that you have to comb thru your hair several times thru out the day to keep that "fresh" look going. Also, it doesn't feel like clean hair, even with a dose of the dry shampoo. It leaves your hair looking pretty clean, but doesn't help the feel of it.

Overall I'd give it a 4/5 stars, and will definitely use again. And did I mention it has a fabulous scent!?
What tips do you all have in keeping your hair looking fresh when there's no time for a rinse?
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Laura said...

For some reason I hate the way dry shampoo makes my hair feel.