Saturday, April 14, 2012

7.5 This Week

My schedule has been super funky this week, but I'm proud to say I squeezed in about 7.5 miles.

Unlike last week, I gave my legs a bit of a rest and man could I tell the difference!!

Thankfully my shin splints have given me a rest. I would attribute that to my AMAZING tennie's.

I never thought I could love a pair of tennis shoes as much as I love my heels!

I have also finally invested in some running gear!!!! I have to admit something, for those that read but don't know me personally. I absolutely love fashion. And hey, running gear can be cute too.

When I first signed up for my race...

I immediately began thinking about my running outfit. I know, I'm sick. Ivd only admitted that to my hubs, because lets face it. He's stuck with me. You all can choose to say, what the hell is wrong with this chick!? And quit reading.

If you do that, I'll stalk you until you come back.

1 comment :

JCline said...

I loooooove those running shoes! I can't wait to find a pair that works for me. You motivation is rubbing off!