Monday, April 2, 2012

Kiss & Makeup Monday: Almay One Coat Dial Up Mascara

Ugh. Monday already. But on the bright side, we can have a little link up party and share some beauty product reviews & makeup tips because it's time for....KISS & MAKEUP MONDAY! I know you can't see me, but just envision me making that announcement Bob Barker, Price Is Right style, minus the old man wrinkly ass.

Im sticking' with Almay again this week and featuring one of their super fun mascaras...One Coat Dial Up.

When I first started using this mascara, I was loving it. But now that I'm on week two, I've fallen a little out of love. But hey, we haven't broken up quite yet. We're going to counseling and working on our communication problems.

Check out some before and afters...
No mascara.

One coat.

Two coats.

My Loves: It goes on nice and thick and only takes a couple coats to lather up the lashes. The color is super black which helps the eyes really pop. Lastly, I love the different dial up options. You can click the dial over to one or two and go with a more relaxed eye, or click it on up to three to give a WHAM BAM effect.

My Not So Loves: I can't stand getting the mascara all over my fresh eyeshadow! Pisses me off, big time.

Now maybe it's what I use to clean the lid...which is a Qtip.
Any tips for ridding your eyelid of those pesky mascara marks?

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