Friday, April 6, 2012

Once you go iPhone....

My 26th birthday was one for the ages.  Unto me, an iPhone was born.  A good friend of mine said to me, "once you go black  iPhone, you never go back."  Totally true. 

I aint ashamed to admit that I am a total picture whore.  Well the iPhone has accelerated my whorish behavior even more. 

Enjoy some fotos of life lately...Including a plethora of pics of the two most handsome little men: my nephews!

The hubs...isn't he cute!

Mom & Greg
my amazing step father

My mom & I's girls trip to Winter Park, Colorado!!

Jacks 4th Birthday!

How freakin' cute is this little bug!

During my breast reduction consultation...I just couldn't resist playing with the implants.

Fishin' day with the hubs!

Night out with our favorite neighbors!!

Mykael is 6!!!! Where does time go??

I love being an Aunt!

Hope ya 'all enjoyed a glimpse into our life as of late.

And...Can I get an AMEN! It's Friday! Have a great weekend!!!!!

PS: Do you like the new blog header?

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