Monday, October 21, 2013

Weddings & Birthdays

I have to say, this weekend was one for the books. 

Now, 5 years ago, what i'd call an amazing weekend typically involved some sort of drunken frenzy with my girlfriends which resulted in 5 million photos of us sweaty & drunk on a dance floor. 

Now, my version of an amazing weekend involves coffee in my pj's, a sweaty hard run & an afternoon lounging on the couch with Jon....and a lot less Advil if ya catch my drift. 

My cousin got married in Miami a few weeks back. Saturday night was their reception for friends & fam here in Kansas City. Free wine. BBQ & watching these kiddos bust a move...

Hell to the ya.

The next day we celebrated my sweet little niece who just turned one! 

Miss Charlotte Ann! 

There is just nothing like the joy of celebrating a sweet little babe turning one. 

Her Aunt Annie got her a cute little baby bracelet with her initial engraved in it. 

Considering our family is famous for only producing baby was SOOO much fun having a party full of pink & tutus!!

Can't wait to watch this sweet baby grow up!

Moments with these kiddos almost make me want my own....well, almost. ;)

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Sarah said...

That bracelet! So so sweet!