Sunday, December 14, 2014

Our Weekend in Photos

You know those weekends where you just fly by the seat of your paints, make no plans, and just let it flow? That's what we did this past weekend, and how refreshing it was. A nice reboot leading into the busy holiday weekends coming up! 

Friday night we spent working on Lara's playroom. You guys, I can't WAIT to share with you! Jon has been working night & day to get it all ready for her first Christmas. Sister has to have a place for all her toys! Am I right or am I right? 

We than made a quick Target run to get some baby supplies to clean up her little diaper rash that showed up last week. 

Saturday was spent with family while Jon spent a few hours at work. 

{these above are from my iPhone}

Perfect opportunity to practice with my new DSLR. I am just in awe of the difference in quality of the pictures this thing pumps out.

Saturday night we took off to take Lara to see the Plaza lights in Kansas City. I may be a bit partial, but there is just nothing prettier than KC during the holidays. Proud Kansas Citian right here.

Lara and I had on our little sweater shawls.
This little girl, she's just the coolest thing we've ever done.

We had SO much fun. Lara was in awe of all the lights, smells and sounds. After we grabbed a Starbucks, we headed to our local mall to pick out her Christmas dress. No photos of that...that'll be a surprise.

Sunday was spent lounging around the house. Jon finished up the playroom while I played with the babe while listening to the Alabama Christmas Cd.

My mom raised us on Alabama Christmas. I can remember being a little girl and everytime the big tubs of Christmas decor were brought down from the attic, Alabama was in the tape player.
I love raising Lara with the same traditions my mom created with us.

Hope you all had a weekend full of rest & relaxation!!
Is it Friday yet?


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