Monday, April 13, 2015

House Hunting & Dating...

My apologies for the radio silence last week.  It was a rough one, and I honestly didn't have much to say.  We'd been dating this awesome house for awhile....well, what we thought was an awesome house. 

We'd gone on several pretty fantastic dates.  You know those dates where you end up talking late into the evening making plans for your future together?  You start to fall in love.  Your mom doesn't like him so you go all rebellious and dive in even deeper.

And then....BAM.  Your relationship comes to a screeching halt. 

In the dating world, you find out your new boyfriend has monogamy issues. 

In house hunting, you find out the home has major foundation issues. 

All those paint colors you picked out.


The furniture you had perfectly placed in the living room.

Totally irrelevant.

The backsplash you picked out for your new kitchen.

Even more irrelevant.

All those plans you made are suddenly out the window because you realize, it's just not the guy house for you.

You're back to square one. Your single again.  And everyone keeps telling you "there are more fish in the sea, get back out there, you'll find the one for you."  And you hate everyone for saying these things.  You're pissed off.  You're sad.  You're frustrated.  And you're tired of dating.  You're ready to settle down with the house of your dreams.  You're ready to commit but you just can't seem to find the right one.

Then all of the sudden, the perfect house comes on the market.  You get excited, but cautiously excited.  It's too soon, right? You're still heartbroken from the breakup.  No house can compare to the house you're still in love with, right?

And then it happens.

When you're least expecting it. You meet the guy house of you dreams.  And it's totally different than what you thought you wanted. But something about it just feels right...

As of 9:00pm yesterday evening, we are officially engaged to a new house.  However, before we set a wedding date this time, let's get thru inspections...  ;)

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