Friday, June 24, 2016

A Vacation & A BumpDate!

It's super early, in fact the sun is just rising as I type this, but I'm too excited to sleep!  We're taking Lara on her first real vacation today!!  Growing up, my parents always prioritized family vaca's, so every single summer we'd all load up in our custom van and head somewhere fun.  

I'm so excited to be able to continue that tradition with our little one.  

We rented a lodge with Jon's parents, in the beautiful StoneBridge Resort near TableRock Lake & Silver Dollar City!  If you haven't heard of StoneBridge, click the link above.  They have tons of playgrounds, lots of swimming pools, a catch & release lake in the resort along with a championship golf course, all right outside of Branson!  If you're in the stages of planning a trip close to Kansas City, keep them in mind.  I'll provide a full review in the next couple weeks.  

We'll be there for the next 5 days and I plan to swim, boat, and amusement park the hell out of the time we have there. 

We've been on many vacations over the course of our marriage, and traveled to some pretty exotic locales, but I have to say, I'm looking forward to this one the most!  
And to think, next summer we'll be traveling with two little kiddos.... 

Which leads me into my 4 month (albeit a little late) 

How Far Along: 17 weeks, 2 days!  The photo was taken at 16.5 weeks.

Due Date:  November 30th!

Weight Gain: 4 lbs

Maternity Clothes: I cleaned HOUSE at Destination Maternity this week as Momma needed some shorts!  Listen, it's 125 degrees in KC right now and I have been dying. 

I've purchased maternity pants from many different stores, but nothing fits quite like their secret fit belly does! 
The sales are amazing right now, so hit them up preggo friends!

Stretch marks: Please.  I was covered in them before I got pregnant.

Symptoms: Lack of appetite these days, which is bizarre because I ate a cow about everyday of the first trimester


Gender: WE KNOW!  WE KNOW!  We found out at 12 weeks.  
Our Gender Reveal is just around the corner on the 4th of July!


Nursery: It changes weekly

Movement: Jabs here and there, and a few times it's felt like the baby was flipping totally over which was super cool!  Definitely one of my favorite parts of growing a tiny human, for sure.

Sleep: Wacko dreams.  Last night I was being chased by a 50lb tarantula.  Not sure what that's supposed to mean...

Workouts: Please.  I have a toddler.  

Names: We have about 3-5 that we bounce around between, but none of them feel like they're the one.  I have a feeling we'll be choosing once we meet....the baby.  Wow, almost spilled the beans there. ;)

12 weeks to 16 weeks

And, that's a wrap for today's post.

Have a great weekend everyone!  

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I hope you're having a fabulous vacation!