Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Dear Lara.

Today was one of the last mornings you'll wake up as our only daughter.  We have loved you fiercely the past 27 months, and now, we're going to share our love with another little girl, your baby sister.

I know it feels like we've been talking about this baby sister of yours for quite some time now.  You probably stopped believing that she actually exists, and believe me, I've spent my fare share of time wondering if she'd ever join our family as well.

Well sweetheart, the time has come.  

Last night, when your daddy and I put you to bed, you began to cry when we talked about going to the hospital to have your sister.  Whatever part of you understands what's getting ready to happen to your world. seemed scared.  

You curled your bottom lip out and began to shake your head, saying "no no no."  
It broke our hearts, because little do you know, our love for you will never change.  

In fact, our love for you will grow deeper as we watch you fall in love with this baby sister of yours. 

You adore your baby dolls these days; carrying them around, patting their backs while you ssshhh and comfort them because they're "sad."  You are quite the nurturer, little one.  

You sneak into your closet and pull out 5-6 blankies at at time to wrap your little dolly up in, you know, in case she's cold.  When you're not looking, I fold them all back up and sneak them back into your closet for you to pull back out the next day.

A few weeks ago, you and I were in sis' room together.  I was hanging some last minute frames on the wall, and I set the hammer down next to me.  A few short seconds later, I heard a few loud bangs, turned around and there you were, bashing the hammer into your sisters dresser.

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At first, I was horrified.  But then I laughed, thinking of the day we'll tell your baby sis what you did to her brand new dresser, before she was even born.  While it may be the first time you ruin something of your sisters, I'm sure you'll both have your fair share of these moments in the years to come!

While at first it may seem hard, having to share your world with another little girl, I promise she'll be much more fun to play with in the coming years than your Mom & Dad.  As this sweet soul has been growing in my womb, I've often envisioned you two playing together, taking baths together...

Giggling late at night as you sneak into one another's room...

But most of all, I've spent the last 9 months thinking about how you'll always look out for one another.  

You'll be the first one there when a boy breaks your little sisters heart; staying up all night to console her.  You'll teach her that a man is not the key to her happiness and self worth.  God is.

You'll be there to hold her hair back after a few too many shots on her 21st birthday.

And you'll be the one to lift the veil over her face as she prepares to walk down the aisle to her new best friend.

No matter the season of life, you now have a built in best friend who will always be there for you, your very own wing woman.  

And that, my daughter, is the best gift we could ever give you.

Mom & Dad

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Nikki @ makeupHER said...

Oh my, such sweet words to Lara. I'm sure she is going to be such an awesome big sister. Coming from another big sister to her, she may think her baby sister is taking over and getting all the attention, but she'll always be the first :)!