Wednesday, March 1, 2017

SJ || 3 Months

My precious little angel is 3 months old today, and honestly, I'm not sad about it. Sure, I love love love having a newborn.  You just can't beat all the snuggles, but I am totally loving watching her develop her own personality!  It's totally cool to see her discover things around her, to recognize her family, to smile at her big sis, to stare at bright objects, to begin talking in her own little language, it's just amazing.  I am taking an extra long maternity leave this time, and as much as I feel excitement to get back to work and spend the day around adults doing what I love, I can't help but enjoy spending this extra time with my girls.  

Yes, girls, as in plural.  As some of you know, I was feeling tremendous Mom Guilt last week about Lara not being as connected to me. So, I did what any mother would do, made a super rash and emotional decision and pulled Lara out of full time daycare and dropped her down to part time.  Meaning she's home with me on Tuesdays and Thursdays.  

I'm not going to pretend there haven't been moments where I regretted this decision, as let me tell ya, she's a handful. But dangit, she's a cute handful.

So, there's that.

But back to my littlest girl, Miss Sadie June.  

Sadie June: By The Month

Sadie is.....Three Months Old!

Sadie Weighs .....Probably somewhere around 12-13 pounds

Sadie's Height.....??

Sadie is Wearing.....She can squeeze into 0-3 months, but really her 3-6 month items fit best. 

Sadie is Sleeping....AMAZING. She's officially in her crib FULL TIME.  To the moms who have kiddos that don't sleep great, you may not want to read this part, but both girls go down around 7:30 and for the most part, they sleep until 6:30 am.  Like, what!?!?  We swear by the Moms on Call books, because their sleep training strategies have worked wonders for our girls, however they are big advocates for the "Cry It Out" method, and I know this is controversial to some.  We waited until last week to begin utilizing the CIO method with Sadie.  The first night, she cried for 30 minutes.  And it sucked.  Night two, she cried for maybe 5-10 minutes.  Now, less than a week later, we lay her in her crib and she falls right to sleep.  Again, for us, it works.  And we all sleep.  So, there's that.

Sadie is Eating.....mostly 5 oz

Sadie paper.  
Amazon.  Now. 
Your kid will love it.

Sadie Hates....when Mom sneezes!  Seriously, it FREAKS HER OUT.  Almost everytime she goes into complete hysterics and I have to calm her down.  I have to agree with her, my sneeze it quite startling.  And loud. And typically comes with no warning.

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