Wednesday, March 13, 2013

The White Dog

Well, folks.  We're one week closer to opening up our own little antique booth and we could NOT be more excited.  What makes it even more exciting?  Finally having a logo.
When we first started talking about this new adventure months ago, we both fell in love with the idea of naming the booth something totally eccentric but yet hilarious while also providing a window into who we are as people.  We are both dog lovers & we are especially in love with this little bug.
And so the name was born.
"The White Dog."
We were able to get her turned into a cartoon & then several grueling hours full of graphic design
(by two NON graphic designers) later, our logo was born.
Next up, the building of the website & putting together an Etsy shop. 
And oh yeah, building our inventory...literally.
Needles to say, we are one busy couple these days, but we're loving it so far. 
 Besides that time last weekend when we began bickering & Jon put in his two week notice.
With all the non existent free time I've had, I've thrown together a few half assed decorations to try and spring-ify our own home. 
Is anyone else just DYING for warm weather?!?!?!?! 
The other night when it was just barely 30 degrees, I convinced Jon to sit outside on the patio, know, enjoy the excruciatingly cold beautiful weather.
Even wrapped up in a massively large furry blanket, I lasted .02 seconds.
Come onnnnnnnn, Spring!
 Come out come out wherever you are.
P.S.  Don't forget to hop on over and see Kait & get in on our giveaway!!



Awesome name idea! I love it! You'll have to tell me where to find your booth! I'm moving to KS in 4 weeks! Eeekkk!

Angie said...

What a great name and logo!
I friend am absolutely dying for Spring. You are NOT alone!!!

Jami said...

Love your logo and you name, very clever to incorporate your dog. Good luck with your new venture!

Unknown said...

Love the name!

SH said...

Can't wait for Spring either - and I love your walls!

Hope you have a wonderful day :)

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