Monday, March 4, 2013

Baby Love

This weekend was full of lots of excitement & lots of baby love. For all you newbies around here, every sibling (including in laws) had babies last year. My sister in law had her first in June, my older brother had a third in October & my other older brother had his first son in November.  

Needless to say, there's lots of baby action around these parts, not including my husband and I.

At least not yet...........
 This little bug, I want to put her in my pocket and take her home with me. Until she has explosive diarrhea all over herself. 

He's a natural, ain't he? 

Wyatt got dedicated Sunday evening. Is he not a handsome little dude? I mean, c'mon.
Those baby blues!!

And we can't forget our little babe. 


And to top the weekend off....we have some other BIG news to share. 

No Ma, I'm not pregnant.

We signed the lease on our very own booth at our local antique mall!!
We're taking our show on the road and we are pumped.

We have been talking for monthsssss about doing this.
Saturday came, and  SURPRISE , we found ourselves at the antique  mall. The  owner happened to be there and a 15 minute conversation later, we pulled the trigger. 

I know I said I was taking a shopping sabbatical, so instead of clothes I bought an antique booth. 

Hope everyone had a wonderful weekend.
I flew into Providence, Rhode Island this morning however, I'll be working the whole time. 
Wah. Wah. 

Business trips. They're a total tease.  It's like vacation but with 
no vacation action happening.  
Kind of like getting felt up...over the bra. 

Oh well. 
At least The Hilton beds are nice. 
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Kait said...

Getting felt up over the bra...HAAHAH! Love that! Okay, must find my pool boy..time for another drink. AND GET THE HECK ON TWITTER. Your antique roadshow will require it. That is all. TATA

MarlaJan said...

OMG it's like your very own Antique Roadshow. That is so flipping cool!! Congrats! Now, because I'm not well rounded in the antique arena, what does having your own booth entail?

Charlotte is a beauty! I love her little bib. And that Wyatt is gonna be a heartbreaker.

And I totally snorted at your getting felt up over the bra analogy. What the heck is in Providence?