Sunday, November 24, 2013

Time Out.

In the beautiful craziness that is life, don't you ever just want a time out?
We all need one from time to time & I did just toward the end of last week.
And it was glorious.
As I mentioned last week, Jon & I took a little mini vaca to the great state of Nebraska.
And can I just say...they have fantastic wine!

We started off the morning with a little wine tasting in this adorable little store that only sells goods made right there, in Nebraska.  We bought a few things including the worlds BEST SMELLING apple pie candle along with some wine.

Hey, you can't do a wine tasting & not buy five a bottle!
We were so grateful because the sky was spitting ice, snow & rain on us all day. 
God Bless You Mother Nature.
You're such a bitch wonderful woman.
But we made the best of it & explored the adorable Haymarket District all afternoon!

 Then it was off to see Justin Moore that night!
Needless to say, we had a blast!!!  Justin is so authentic & just plain down to earth that you can't help but love the little guy!  He's 5'7 & looks about 4'11 while on stage.
But hey, his cowboy hat gives him a few inches.
The next day we drove home & enjoyed a calm, relaxed evening lounging on the couch in front of the fire.  In fact, it was our first fire of the year!!  I needed to load up on carbs & get some rest as my first big race was Saturday morning.

It was not only my first 10K, but my first race in the new kicks.
And was a cold one!!!!

Thank GOD for a husband who hunts....because he had the BEST gear to keep me warm. 
Including a super sexy Carhartt Facemask & camo hip pack hand warmer. 

I didn't care if was -15 outside.
I had trained my ass off & I was running this race, damnit.
And run my ass off, I did.
My goal was to run the 6.2 in under an hour & I did it!!!

59:04 to be exact and 4th place in my age group.  I missed being in the top three for the award ceremony by one!  Never in a million years did I think I would place that high....and had I only known I was that close to the top three, I would've started knocking bitches girls over.

Just kidding.

You see that frozen snot on my jacket?
That's how frickin' cold it was.
My sorority sister braved the freezing temps to come cheer me on & it meant the WORLD to me!!   Being a fellow runner, we get each other on a different level. 
Pep talks, tips, motivation, running in name it.  We'll talk about it. 
A wonderful friend & a wonderful inspiration. 
I adore you Hali!!


This race was also super special as it was the first one Sheldon was able to attend!
He even made a sign...
"Anne...Hurry Up I'm Hungry!"
I saw it about a quarter mile from the finish line & was able to squeeze out a weak laugh.
I love that crazy old man! :)


You know what favorite part of this race was?
Seeing my husband beaming with pride on the other side of the finish line. 
Running is not for the faint of heart.  There have been many times over the past couple years that I wanted to give up.  There have been months where I've stopped cold turkey.  There have been runs in which I've stumbled thru the door only to fall on the ground from exhaustion,
telling Jon I'm giving up. 
Everytime, he picks me back up (emotionally & physically) and tells me to....
"Lock It In."

After the race, he looked at me with a huge smile on his face & said,
"Honey, I'm so damn proud of you." 
In that moment all of the soreness, sweat & tears became SO worth it. 



Jordan said...

Damn girl, you run fast! Congrats on reaching your goal. And those shoes are AMAZING.

Casey said...

You go girl!!!!!! I'm so proud of you. Totally teared up at the end of your post - I'm ridiculous, I know :)

Sarah said...

Yyayayya I am SO proud of you, you rocked it!!!

Even before I saw Casey's comment I also teared up!! Gotta love those supportive husbands and our running craziness!

MarlaJan said...

All these amazing accomplishments!!

The sign "hurry up I'm hungry!" Love it!!!