Sunday, December 15, 2013

#SheldonsJourney...6 Weeks Later

Well, this past week sure has been a doozie with regard to Sheldon
& our families heart transplant journey.
For a recap of when this journey began, read here. A few hours after that post, we received word that he'd been accepted & was officially listed as a 1B status later that week.
That was 6 weeks ago.
It's been an exciting but terrifying 6 weeks to say the least. 

There are three different status' in which a person can be listed.
 1A:  You are confined to the hospital until you receive a donor heart. 
1B:  You can leave the hospital but not without a continuous IV drug or another device
2:  The most healthy people fall in this category.  May wait 1+ year for a heart.
As I said, Sheldon is a 1B.
  He has a permanent picc line in his upper left arm where he has a continuous IV push of the miracle drug I mentioned here
Due to the picc line, he has to show up for bi-weekly appointments at Saint Luke's
here on the Plaza in Kansas City.
Well, last weeks appointment didn't go so well.  They ended up admitting him & kept him most of the week. Last week was trying. But hey, it's just another curve in the road on this already wild journey. 
 Monday afternoon they did a read on his pacemaker that was put in about 2.5 years ago. And for the record, he's already on his SECOND pacemaker. Upon reading the results, two of the three leads that go from the pacemaker into the heart were not inserted correctly.
Well damn.
So, they opened him up & fixed the problem. 
But now the poor guy can't lift up his right arm for another six weeks. 
So what do I do, I go in to pose with him for a picture and slap my hand right down on his incision site.  I about died. After he winced in pain, he had a good laugh at my expense.
So another week of this journey has wrapped. 
Next up? Meeting our goal of keeping him out of the hospital & home for Christmas.
Thanks for your continued support & love as this journey continues!! 
Your thoughts & prayers mean the WORLD to not only me, but our entire family,
so thank you thank you thank you. 


Unknown said...

So glad to hear that Sheldon was accepted and on the journey! I will continue praying for him! Thanks for keeping us updated!

Sarah said...

Praying for you guys and that he is able to be home for Christmas!!