Monday, March 10, 2014

Baby Bellies & Birthdays

Well, hello hello hello.  These past 4 weeks have just FLOWN by.  When you get pregnant everyone tells you, "Don't worry...before you know it, you'll be at the finish line, about to pop that baby right out." 6 weeks ago I just smiled politely and thought, I'm going to be pregnant foreverrrrrrrrr!!!
And then, wham.  Here I am, almost halfway done!!!!!
Before we get to chatting about my new little baby bump that popped out a couple days ago, let's do a recap of the past few weeks in photos, shall we?
I celebrated my big 28 on February 15th...and it's quite possible it's the first sober birthday I've had in years, but honestly, I wouldn't have had it any other way.
I spent the day shopping with my mom in which we cleaned out several maternity stores here in Kansas City.  The day was followed by date night with my manfriend that included a snazzy dinner & a little play in downtown Kansas City that featured a ton of fantastic Frank Sinatra music.  And also a ton of people with canes who were wearing incontinence products.  I'm convinced we were the youngest people there by about 30+ years, but regardless, something super different than the norm & we loved it. 

(wellllll.....loved it might have been a stretch, we left at intermission)
Hey, mama gets tired early these days.  
The weekend after included a trip to watch some bull ridin'!  If I haven't mentioned it before, this is one of our FAVORITE things to do together.  We love the atmosphere, the cheap nachos & watching those brave cowboys brave those crazy ass bulls!
A few weeks later, we then celebrated this little guys birthday!!!!!


We also got our babymoon booked!!!!!!  May 28th CANNOT get here soon enough! 
And as of the past couple weeks, I've been knee deep in party planning mode...because on March 30th, we find out what this sweet little bug is going to be!!!!!  Found an amazing shop on Etsy, chose an invite with a style we loved, decided on verbiage that suited us both and
this is how they turned out!  I'm in love.
Yesterday all the gals in my family gathered to help all my Pinterest boards come to life.
Seriously, can someone remind me WHAT we all did before Pinterest?????

Now, let's talk baby bellies.

I have to be honest, I neverrrrrrrrrr thought the day would come. 
But as of about 48 hours ago, it came.  I woke up & bam, there she was.
And if I'm being totally honest, I'm pretty excited.
Something about a baby bump just makes this journey so much more....real.
I could go on and on about the current size of the baby, I could talk morning sickness and I could go in detail about weight gain.  But honestly, who the hell cares??????? 
I sure don't.
We as human beings are blessed to be able to create a human being with the one we love most, and then grow that human being inside of us.  A healthy, happy, sweet little baby. 
And yes, you pack on a few pounds along the way
Now, what I do want to talk about is how fucking cool that is.
Friday night we were laying in bed and all of the sudden I felt this thunk....and I just knew. 
That was our baby!!!!!  
Pretty special moment for us both & I can't wait to feel it again.
My next appointment is Friday, March 28th.  I'll be just shy of my 20 week mark, so this appointment will be when they measure the little one; the little heart, the bones, the head & most importantly, they'll be taking a peek at the little pee pee.  From there, my doctor will write the gender down & seal in an envelope.  I'll give the envelope to my girlfriend who will ensure the surprise is well under wraps. We'll find out in the same moment of those we love most & I am just SO excited to share that experience with our friends & family.  
That's all I have for now.  If you need me, you can find me with a hot glue gun in hand & scissors in the other.  I can't WAIT to be back soon with party photos!! 

Three weeks from today! 


Sarah said...

Eeee! I love this and you are just the most adorable mama to be!

Melissa {Persnickety Plates} said...

It really is obnoxious to hear "it goes by so fast" (or at least I thought it kind of was) but for real, at 35 weeks, it goes by SO fast. ha. & I was so excited about my 18/20 week bumps that my mom laughed at & said weren't really bumps, but now I get it, as I'm feeling pretty huge. haha

The Wilson Family said...

absolutely adorable!!! From here on out that lil bump will keep growing and the feeling him/her kick is the most amazing feeling ever. There were many moments with both of my boys I just said and talked to them while they were busy moving and groving inside my belly!! Can't wait to celebrate with you in a few weeks!