Friday, October 31, 2014

New look, same gal.

First & foremost, Happy Halloween!

 I have to say, I'm SO excited to celebrate our first holiday with our little miss.  Yes, I realize she's only 11 weeks old and has absolutely no idea why we are sticking her in pumpkins & dressing her up in crazy outfits, but there's just something about the holiday spirit that becomes totally amped up when you have a little one to share it with.

Moving on....

Let's just say I now fully understand why people pay web designers to redesign their blogs. 
 If I wasn't on maternity leave, and didn't have an inordinate amount of time to spend on projects like this, this whole blog redesign would NOT have happened.
But, here we are 2 bottles of wine later, we have ourselves a new look around here! 
And for the record, I didn't drink both bottles. There may have been some spillage.
Pun intended...get it?
"I Spilled My Wine?"  
Stick with me here people.
I decided to say farewell to the 'ol "Hell on Heels" and welcome a new name that better represents my life these days. 
Baby bottles, high heels and wine. 
I'll be wrapping up my maternity leave in another 3 weeks, so it'll soon be time to say adios to Nike flip flops & yoga pants and hello to heels & pencil skirts. 
I'm not sure what life will be like or let alone feel like when I make the big return, but what I do know is that what I'll look forward to the most is getting home to my sweet baby girl, my husband and a nice glass of wine. 
That will never change.

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Amber @ A Little Pink in the Cornfields said...

I love the new look!

Kelly said...

I love your blog! I just wanted to let you know because I'm really bad about reading blogs and not leaving comments. Your posts are always funny and I can totally hear your voice in your writing. Keep 'em coming!