Monday, November 3, 2014

Talking all things diaper bag.

As promised, I'm talking all things diaper bag today.  As I've gotten older, when it comes to accessories, I believe less is more.  I used to pile on the jewelry and I truly believed the bigger the purse, the better.  And I'd fill that sucker up.  I'm talking 25 lip glosses, 4 pairs of sunglasses my hairbrush, tubes of mascara.  You name it, I carried it with me in my suitcase purse. 
If I couldn't fit an entire bottle of wine in it, I didn't buy it. 
 Now that I have a child, my stockpile has dramatically decreased and believe it or not, I've survived.  I have a tiny little clutch that holds all of my things, that I throw in the diaper bag. I've simplified and I have to admit, it feels good. If it doesn't fit in the clutch, it doesn't make the cut. 
When I was shopping for mine I wish I'd been able to find legit, real life reviews on different ones from real moms. Not the reviews you see posted below the item on the website. 
Those are a crock of crap. 
I fell in love with a Timi&Leslie bag only to see it in person at the store and laugh at how ridiculous it was.  No practicality whatsoever. 
After much research I ended up with the three below!
Let's start with the Carters.  This bag was by FAR the cheapest but I love it equally as much.  Just goes to show that expensive as hell, isn't always better. I'm into the backpack style of diaper bags, so I immediately fell in love with this one.  The link to purchase is via Kohl's, however I actually found it at Burlington Coat Factory in their Baby Depot section.  Sign up for email alerts and they'll send you 20% off coupons on the regular, so total I spent around $30 for it.
Pros: VERY large opening, makes it super easy to see what you need and reach right in and grab it.  It's shiny gold so can be worn with dressier outfits if need be & the material is waterproof.  LARGE exterior pockets hold bottles, keys, cell phones, you name it.  SUPER REASONABLY PRICED!
Cons:  The faux leather accents won't likely wear well over time. The changing pad isn't very soft and because it's waterproof as well, it's cold to the touch.  Baby girl isn't crazy about that.

 Moving on to Miss Petunia Pickle Bottom...

I first spotted this bag in black and for some reason, I just didn't pull the trigger.  Later that afternoon I found it at Buy Buy Baby in this beautiful, soft grey and loved it even more.  Because of the hefty price tag, I ended up going with the less expensive Vera at the time, but the next day I went back with my mother in law who purchased it for me as a gift.  To date, I've carried this one by far the most out of the three.  I can be a bit compulsive about matching, so the grey works for just about any outfit I throw on. 

Pros: My favorite thing about this bag is that it can be worn several different ways; over the shoulder, messenger style & backpack. Reasonably sized interior that can comfortably fit multiple outfits, diapers, burp rags & mommy's things. The two exterior pockets are roomy.  I throw my bottle in one side & phone & keys in the other. The material is super soft but still looks chic. I love love love the fold out changing table. It makes changing those dirty diapers much easier when you're on the go!

Cons:  PRICE.  It retails for a little under $200.  Because it's designer, I could not find a coupon that you could use on it. Honestly, I would not have purchased on my own.  I just couldn't bring myself to spend that kind of money with a new little baby on the way, but I'm so thankful to have it these days.  I'd have to say accessibility is a little tough on this one.  While it's spacious on the inside, it's tough to see all that you have with the narrow opening you have to work with. The interior is not waterproof.

And last but not least, let's talk about the Vera.

I found my Vera one at my local Buy Buy Baby and I just adore it. I had a few giftcards so the price tag of $130 wasn't too much of a hit.  Like the Petunia, it can be worn multiple ways including over the shoulder as well as backpack style.  When lugging a carseat around, being able to strap your diaper bag to your bag is a LIFE. SAVER.

Pros: I love that the interior is waterproof.  Also, the fact that it's a lighter color and wild print, it helps differentiate the items inside making it easier for you to quickly grab what you need.  I love the mesh pockets INSIDE.  There are several of them which I love.  The material is super soft (like most Vera's) however it looks quite dressy in person. Lastly, the changing pad is super soft!!  It's made of a white terrycloth material that I just love, and so does Lara. 
She told me the other day.... ;)
Cons:  Like the Petunia, this bag has somewhat of a narrower opening.  The exterior pockets aren't quite as roomy, so you can't carry around very many diapers at one time.  Also the exterior side pockets are small as well.
Alright, there you have it!
Feel free to holler if you have more specific questions about any of the bags.
Happy Shopping!


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susan.a.lentz said...

I love all three! I'm a huge fan of PPB - one of my good friend's got that as her diaper bag. So here's the question, do you find yourself equally trading between the three bags or do you tend to favorite one?