Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Must Haves for Baby AND Mommy

Now that I've lived with my sweet little human for almost 6 months, I've gotten to know her much better.  We've slowly figured out what pisses her off along with what soothes her. 
Knowledge that is absolutely crucial for everyone's survival. 
My previous thoughts discussed here on "must haves" for baby & mommy, have definitely changed.
 I'm not saying those things aren't needed, but honestly, you could probably live without 'em. 
For us, the things I've listed below, we couldn't have lived without.
I started this list when Lara was a couple weeks old.  The week we brought her home from the hospital, my best friend told me she was pregnant. I WAS SO EXCITED!! 
So, this list quickly turned into a "I wish I would've registered for" list, one I could share with her. 
So here goes! 

It's Number 1 for a reason:  Oh, the turtle.
This is one magic frickin' turtle, y'all.  Lara LOVESSSS it, therefore we LOVEEEE it.  It plays sweet lullaby music as well as the option for soothing waves. There's volume control & an extra bonus is the adorable wave lightshow it shoots up on the nursery walls.  We literally use this thing EVERY. SINGLE. NIGHT.  And likely will for the next few years. If she wakes up whimpering in the middle of the night, instead of pulling her out of the crib to rock her back to sleep, we literally hit the button on the turtles back and she's RIGHT back to sleep.  I'm telling you, miracle worker.
 It's outrageously expensive at $50, but thankfully we registered for it and received it as a gift.  Funny story is that Jon really wanted this thing and we got in a mini argument at BabiesRUs because I told him it was ludicrous to register for a frickin' $50 nightlight.  He was insistent, so I said ok. And holy COW am I glad I did!!  Since I know you're reading this babe, I'll say it again, you were right.
This one may be old news, but unfortunately I did not think to register for ANY!  Thankfully my mom got us one for my baby shower, but we have definitely added a few more to our collection.  You need a few of these bad boys to have in every room & your diaper bag.  The weight of the stuffed animal helps keep the paci in baby's mouth.
I'll take 5 of 'em. Please & thank you.

Must have. But I will warn you, I still clipped the end of Lara's finger the other day.
Trust me.  The baby WILL survive.

This is another one we did NOT register for.  I mean, who needs a mirror that plays music.
Sometimes when we're loading up to head out the door, Lara gets impatient & the crying begins.  As soon as we pop her in the car & hit the music button, she stops.  Also, the light that shines on them helps you actually SEE the baby when driving at night. Love this mirror!!

I've been asked a TON about this chair, and I don't blame y'all.  We love it in our house!
It's a lifesaver when you're trying to cook dinner & baby wants to be with you.  I plop her in this & bring her in the kitchen with me, and she's totally content.  We put her in this around 8 weeks old and she was just fine!  Must have for sure.

Number 6:  Hallmark Record-A-Wish Lamb
If you're a working mommy, for some, month three brings the tough, dreaded return to work.   Something about this adorable little lamb has brought me much peace in dropping my girl off at daycare for the first time. I want her to hear my voice and have comfort even though I can't be there in person. Jon and I recorded ourselves singing "You Are My Sunshine." We have sung this to her many, many times over the past three months so she knows it well. It also plays other lullabies as well! Definitely a must have for all new mommies out there!! 

Number 7:  BABY SOCKS!!
 While teenie tiny baby shoes are cute.  That's about all they are...cute.  Not functional whatsoever.
Take my advice, REGISTER FOR SOME SOCKS.  You'll need 'em.
I have LIVED in this thing, in fact it's the first thing I wore the day after Lara was born.
Register for a couple of 'em.  I wish I would have.

Number 9: Baby Needs a Swing!!
 We have one upstairs AND downstairs we love them so much.
Don't think twice about having a swing in your house when you bring that baby home.

We just put it on Lara's carseat last week with the cold that has swept over Kansas City.  It's so warm we don't even need a blanket!  The best part is I can flip it up to cover her face when in and out of the car running errands. We actually got ours for $11 at a consignment sale, not really knowing what it was.  It's amazing!

And that wraps it up. 
As always, holler if you have questions & happy registering.

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