Saturday, January 17, 2015


I'm getting super #real with ya 'all this morning. Airing my dirty laundry, er, dirty house for the world to see. 

While I love sharing pictures of my sweet girl grinning ear to ear...Newsflash: Those pictures aren't always #reallife.

Social media is a tiny little snapshot into who we are as people and the lives we lead. But let's just get real here. It's highly edited. Hell, they even have special filters to make your world look prettier than it may really be.  And WE are the editors of how we want our life to look.

It occurred to me over the weekend that my social media life isn't always an accurate portrayal of my #reallife. 

I start projects I don't finish. I have way more clutter in my house than I ever thought I would. I worry about really stupid stuff. 

And if I'm being totally honest, there are times where my dirty dishes sit in the sink for days on end. 

This is our cluttered mudroom. When I purchased three diaper bags because I just HAD to have one in every color, the intent was to keep them nicely hidden in a closet until ready for use.

Yeah, about that...

Most days my counter is full of diapers, bottle nipples, unopened mail along with the occasional half empty beer bottle from when we tried to sit down and enjoy a cocktail but duty called. And when I say 'duty,' I mean this cutie...

Remember that playroom I told you about? The playroom meant to store all of Lara's toys so our living room could look like adults lived in out home?

This clean laundry has been done for 2 weeks. TWO. But hey, at least it's clean. I got that going for me.

I mean, who has time to actually hang up your clothes at the end of the day? 

Clearly not my husband....or me. Mine are buried under his, who am I kidding here.

Bathroom counters are made for makeshift, middle of the night bottle making stations, right?

For the record, since these pictures were snapped, we've washed dishes and my kitchen sink is now.....full of new dirty dishes. The laundry basket however, still hasn't been touched. 

But you know what, that's totally ok. 

Because I do a lot more important shit these days. Like be a mom. 

Becoming a mother has changed me in ways I could've never imagined. 

Today, I learn to celebrate the small victories. Like getting fresh, clean water in my daughters humidifier night after night. 

Like ensuring her turtle nightlight has new batteries so she can fall asleep to the sound of cascading waves. 

Like making our bed every morning. 

And my favorite of all, taking time to giggle with my daughter while I squirt water on her little belly from her bright pink hippo bath toy.

And even when bath time ends like this, It's still a hundred times better than the time I would've spent washing dirty dishes.

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The Wilson Family said...

SOOOOO true. My house is constantly looking like a disaster zone or a like a tornado went through it. I clean it up, but 10 minutes later it's like that again. Plus for having your bed made every morning b/c the Wilson household is only made when it's the weekend (sometimes) or when we have guests coming over.