Sunday, February 15, 2015

Happy 6 Month Birthday

My Sweet Lara Love,

How is it that our little 6lb, 16inch long nugget is half a year old? Everyday you grow up right before my eyes! As much as I love seeing you become a beautiful little girl, it terrifies me all at the same time. 

It feels like this moment was just yesterday...

And now, your a six month old taking swim lessons!

I remember our first night together. You were so warm and squisy. You molded into my arms like you were made to be there. 

We tried to keep you overnight in our hospital room that first night but your daddy & I were nervous wrecks! You were sleeping so soundly that we were convinced you weren't breathing! You were such a quiet little baby until about 10pm. That's when all hell broke loose. The nurses would come and wheel you in your little bucket down the hall to the nursery where you'd peacefully fall back asleep. I remember waking up the next morning at the crack of dawn full of excitement! I couldn't wait to see you, my sweet girl!

The funny thing is, I still do that today. I wake up every single morning yearning to scoop you up out of your crib and kiss your chunky little cheeks. The other morning you were fast asleep. I had about 30 minutes before I was to hop in the shower to get ready for work. I snuck into your nursery and gently picked you up. You fell right back asleep on my chest while I gently rocked you for that half hour. Those moments in the quiet, where I can hear your little breaths and smell your beautiful skin, those moments are the ones I will remember forever. 

Your spirit is contagious, my little one. For the first 6 weeks of your life you refused to smile, and not for lack of a valiant effort on my part. You've always been one to do things on your own time. But girl, in those early days, you sure had that terrified face down pat! 

I will never forget the day you smiled up at me!! I'm convinced my heart grew in size that day. You were about six weeks old and had just woken up from a nap. I was right in your face (as always). You had just opened your eyes when I asked you softly, "can you smile for mommy?" You finally gave me the most adorable, tiny little grin. 

The rest of my maternity leave was spent begging for smiles! 

These days you are full of grins. In fact, sometimes your daddy and I worry that you're going to hurt your cheeks because you grin so hard!! 

You grin the biggest everytime you see your dad. I'm convinced it's because you think you're looking in the mirror!

You two are twins and it's pretty stinkin' adorable.

You love your daddy so much, which is good because I'm pretty crazy about him too. ;)

You started sitting up about 3 weeks ago and you've never been happier! You are so proud of yourself! You'll sit now for hours on end, just looking around, curious about the great big world you live in. 

Your short little legs can barely support you! At your 4 month checkup you were in the 6th percentile for height, but you had a major growth spurt and are now in the 50th. Grow baby grow! If you're anything like your mommy, heels will still most definitely be in your future. 

The joy you have brought us since the moment we found out you were coming into this world is simply unexplainable. When you were just a seedling in my belly, I would place my hand on you and dream about what it would feel like to see your beautiful face. 

I always dreamed of having my own little girl, and there are still moments today where I can't believe your mine. 

I hope that you always wake up with a smile on your face.

I hope you always know how smart you are.

I hope you never lose your sense of curiosity. 

I hope you always push yourself to learn more and grow everyday. 

I hope you learn that being beautiful on the inside is way more important than being beautiful on the outside. 

I hope you love yourself, even if you end up with a few extra pounds from time to time. 

I hope you are always kind to everyone

I hope for you to have confidence in the woman you'll become. 

I hope you continue to light up every room you enter with your infectious spirit.

I hope you remain fiercly independent but learn to let people in. 

I hope you find a love like your daddy and I have.

But most of all, I hope you always know how much we utterly adore you! No matter how big you get, now matter how grown up you act, you will always be our little girl.

We'll love you forever, we'll like you for always. As long as we're living, our baby you'll be.

Happy 6 month birthday to you, our sweet Lara love! 

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Unknown said...

I love her sweet smile! So contagious! Doesn't seem possible that she's already 6 months old, you're a natural at this momma thing though!! Xoxo