Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Mom Guilt

This should be a legit diagnosis.

While there's no pill to cure it, I find wine helps. And Shiner Bock.

Let's just dive right in, shall we? 

I feel guilt every. damn. day. 

Did I take the time to make her giggle this morning while changing her "panties?" 

Did I give her enough kisses when I dropped her off at daycare? 

Did I show enough patience while watching her fling green beans all over herself & our kitchen? 

Did I spend to much time taking pictures of her instead of just being with her?

Did I keep her out to late the other night just so I could enjoy one last glass of wine with a girlfriend?

Did I cause her to catch a cold by taking her out to run errands with me last weekend?

I missed her first doctors appointment the other day due to a conflict at work. And with that, it became official. 

I'm the worlds worst mom. 

The guilt we feel as mothers. When does it end? 

The other night I crawled into bed after a longggg day at the office. I began to doze off & suddenly it occurs to me that I forgot to sneak into her room & give her one last goodnight kiss. The mom guilt, overpowering as it is, drags my ass OUT of bed for that one last kiss. 

Because you do realize if I didn't give her that one last kiss; if I don't show enough patience; if I keep her out past her bedtime, my daughter would obviously end up hating me. She'd likely rebel and get knocked up at 15.

Well, moms. It's time to knock it off. 

Because we're trying. We're trying hard at this whole mom thing. We may not always get it right. They're going to fall and bump their head the second we get distracted. And they're going to cry. That sweet, pitiful, heartbreaking cry. And we're going to feel like shit. And our hearts are going to ache and yearn to take away every ounce of pain they will ever feel. But we can't. And that's ok. They are going to fall. They are going to hurt. They are going to cry. But our steadfast, mommy arms will always be right there to scoop them up and kiss their tear streaked cheeks until that adorable grin we love so much, spreads across those chunky little cheeks.

So it's time to call a truce.

You and me, mom guilt.

We're done.

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Jen Brown {Baking Baby Brown} said...

I don't know if it will ever go away! It's amazing the things we can begin to feel guilty about. I often feel guilty about being behind a camera too much but I just want to make sure I have a billion pictures to look back on of her being so sweet and little. I have high hopes that our mom guilt will take a hike when they are adults and remember a life full of laughter, support, and love! :) You're doing great Momma! Cut yourself some slack! Great post!